Grace Lightman shares head-turning ‘Halloween Is Over’ track

Lightman likes to write songs from the perspective of a vampire - as you do

Last month, London newcomer Grace Lightman shared one half of her new 7” single. ‘Fangs’, channelling Unknown Mortal Orchestra and St. Vincent, was an ultra-inventive statement of intent, odd pop with teeth.

Now Lightman has unveiled ‘Halloween is Over’, the single’s second half. Both songs on the 7” are written from the perspective of her alter ego, a night-crawling vampire called the Silver Eater. If ‘Fangs’ was the bloodsucking honeymoon, this is the comedown. A sombre goodbye to scary season, it also doubles up as a pensive song about a relationship nearing its end.

About the new song, Lightman gets very real by saying: “What’s the big deal with dressing up and scaring people one day a year when the rest of the time we just pretend to be something, and end up terrifying ourselves?” So put on the nearest ghost costume, stick this on, and embrace your inner self.

Halloween is over by Grace Lightman

Ltd 7″ PRE-ORDER: Recorded, produced & mixed by Patrick James Pearson & Grace Lightman

Catch Grace Lightman live at Oxford’s If Not Now, When? Festival, September 2.