Greg Cochrane’s Podcasts For The People #6 – Rick Rubin, the missing Cryptoqueen and Charles Manson’s slippers

99 problems, but finding a new podcast is not one

Happy belated International Podcast Day!

Earlier this week it was like every holiday rolled into one for podcasters, a day when shows across the world could shamelessly celebrate themselves. And why not? There’s an “international day” for almost everything else.

For me it was an opportunity to watch from the sidelines and see thousands of people share tips for their current favourite listening. They’re stored up, and no doubt some of those will make it into this column soon.


In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been pressing play on my increasingly autumnal journey to work. As ever, I want your tips too. I’m @GregCochrane on Twitter, or tweet @NME using #PodcastsForThePeople.

What Greg’s been listening to

Broken Record

The low-down: The premise is loose, the starpower is exceptional; that’s how I’d characterise Broken Record. On the show, mega-producer and extremely zen man Rick Rubin is joined by presenter Malcolm Gladwell and journalist Bruce Headlam. “Musicians you love talk about their life, inspiration and craft” is their tagline. This week they’ve debuted the first episode of a new series – Jack White and Brendan Benson from The Raconteurs feature on that, and guests to come include Tyler, the Creator, Andre 3000 and Bon Iver. While it can be a tad disjointed there’s a treasure trove of archive episodes to dive into; like the original pilot conversation they recorded with Eminem and their discussions with David Byrne about his favourite protest music.

Where to hear it: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Megaphone and other podcast apps

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The low-down: Yes, Murderabilia is what you think it is; collectables related to murders or other violent crimes. We’re talking Charles Manson’s pants, guitars and – urgh! – hair, that kind of thing. And this gruesome trade is big business, and has been for decades. Murderabilia confronts all the uneasy questions around it, like; who are these people trading these morbid artefacts, how much money can be made and how does this stuff come to be in the hands of dealers? Hosts Poppy Damon and Alice Fiennes do an excellent job of interrogating an underground movement most people would never know existed, while also navigating their own personal ethics on a topic that’s as dark as it is fascinating.


Where to hear it: Audible

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Charles Manson in 1970
Charles Manson in 1970

Tape Notes

The low-down: A short while ago this column featured Song Exploder, think of Tape Notes as its British cousin. It too burrows down into the songwriting experience, but by often inviting the artist and album producer into conversation with host John Kennedy (Radio X). What you get is a detailed insight into the daily push ‘n’ pull process that results in a final body of collaborative work. The conversations are illuminating; take Marika Hackman and David Wrench for example, or further back, Jessie Ware and Dave Okumu. Also, they’re recording a special live episode to mark National Album Day on October 10 with special guests Richard Russell (XL) and Ibeyi. Not to be missed.

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The Missing Cryptoqueen

The low-down: Not to overhype it, but it took one episode for The Missing Cryptoqueen to become one of my favourite new podcasts of the year. The story, if you’re not familiar, is extraordinary. The podcast follows the recent true life journey of Dr Ruja Ignatova, founder of OneCoin a cultish form of cryptocurrency that saw her become a celebrity – she’d fill arenas with evangelical presentations about how her alternative to traditional banking would make participants rich. Within two years they had millions of members, and thousands of investors. And then, in 2017, she disappeared. Presenter Jamie Bartlett and producer Georgia Catt join the hunt and attempt to unravel this most modern of mysteries.

Where to hear it: BBC Sounds

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The low-down: There’s a lot of emotion attached to this new series of Mogul. It’s a show about “hip hop’s most iconic moments, told by the people who lived them”. However, shortly after series one ended host Reggie Ossé (Combat Jack) passed away having suffered from colon cancer. That first run, powered by his knowledge, zoned in on the contribution to hip hop of Chris Lighty (the influential American music executive), who was found dead in 2012. A couple of years on, in season two, Mogul is tackling the birth of southern hip-hop and shifting its focus from New York to Miami. It’s the big moments in hip hop told in the kind of detail you’ll have rarely heard before.

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What you’ve been listening to

The Crate 808 Podcast

Recommended by: Pras, @Prasmeister on Twitter

The low-down: If you’re listening to hip hop in 2019 and thinking ‘it’s just not as good as the old stuff’ then this is the show for you. Host Kambi Thandi is all about the mid-90s “golden era”. So if you’re more A Tribe Called Quest than Brockhampton then this swagger down memory lane is for you.

Pras writes: “One of the most entertaining podcasts you can find. If you’re a fan of ’90s hip hop… and indulge in nostalgia from time to time.”

Where to hear it: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify

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Armchair Expert

Recommended by: Vickie Stewart, @vickiemstewart on Twitter

The low-down: A podcast about “the messiness of being human” fronted by actor Dax Shepard, and assisted by “fact checker” Monica Padman these are epic conversations (we’re talking two hours) with big names. Casey Affleck, Bill Hader, Will Ferell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jay Leno, Sarah Silverman, and Shepard’s partner Kristen Bell have all been on. Dax keeps them coming, new episodes drop a couple of times a week.

Vicki says: “Like a fun best friends therapy sesh”

Where to hear it: Simplecast, Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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Poet & Vuj Podcast

Recommended by: Josh, @JJShreeve on Twitter

The low-down: The Copa90 football channel is a big deal on YouTube (they even get the likes of Liam Gallagher talking about the beautiful game). Anyway, hosts Poet and Vuj have now turned their hands to podcasting and they specialise in engrossing long-form chats. It’s early days; so far they’ve released episodes with Ian Wright and Rio Ferdinand.

Josh writes: “Only two episodes down but proper in-depth about football, culture, upbringing and topical issues around sport. One to keep an eye/ear on!”

Where to hear it: Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other major podcast places

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Punch Up The Jam

Recommended by: Chlo Shmo, @liberal_kitsch on Twitter

The low-down: Hey, you know how some classic songs are untouchable? Those sacred cows. Well, Punch Up The Jam isn’t interested in that school of thought. In fact comedian and host Miel Bredouw aims to completely rewrite them (“can the greatest hits be… greater?) along with special guests on this US music podcast.

Chlo says: “Combines music facts and comedy – those are two of my fav things. In the last month I’ve listened to 25/30 episodes. Obsessed.”

Where to hear it: All major podcast apps

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2 Songs 2 Beers

Recommended by: Colin Burstow, @FanclubCol on Twitter

The low-down: The process of starting a band is a journey packed with drama. And when it all goes wrong (or right) best just to laugh about it and have a beer. That’s the idea behind this podcast that’s both tasting and recording session. It’s grown too, they’re now playing shows and making accompanying playlists.

Colin writes: “Great podcast about starting a band in your 30s and drinking craft beer. They have some great guests too.”

Where to hear it: Spotify, Apple, the usual places…

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