Hashtags at 10 – remembering the most disastrous one of all

Who could forget #susanalbumparty?

We’ve had some pretty epic social media fails recently. First there’s this Gary Lineker-shaped calamity, then we had Aldi’s missguided ‘fill in the blank’ fiasco. And who could forget Kendall Jenner’s stinking Pepsi ad that tried to solve all racism with fizzy pop? Not a good day in the office for whoever dreamed those up. But it could have been so much worse. They could’ve been working for Susan Boyle back in 2012.

We’re talking, of course, about #susanalbumparty. It’s exactly 10 years to the day since Twitter invented the hashtag (the tagging tool, not the actual character) and they’ve been asking people to name their favourite ever usage of the symbol. As a result, this unfortunate social media scandal has resurfaced.

Originally posted to promote the release of her album, the hashtag read #susanalbumparty. It should have read #SusanAlbumParty. But predictably, keyboard warriors everywhere read it as #SusAnalBumParty. The naughty scamps hijacked Boyle’s innocent promotional stunt and gave it a filthy twist. Now, instead of being remembered as Britain’s Got Talent‘s second big opera singer, she’ll be remembered as the middle-aged celebrity who invited her entire fan base to a raunchy sex party.


Here’s how people are paying tribute to this most epic of Internet-based disasters:

By brushing up on their grammar

When your greatest achievement comes back to haunt you


But you can’t help trying to relive the past


Will someone think of the PRs?

By resurrecting defunct print titles

This clever lad who STILL has the screenshot from the original tweet

This GIF to end all GIFs

When life gives you lemons…

By reminding everyone how lucky we are

Even your mum’s favourite supermarket got in on the action


Think you know a worse PR Twitter fail? Let us know in the comments below.

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