How many Green Day references can you spot in this ‘Where’s Wally’-style picture?

This is the ultimate test.

If you’re a Green Day geek, cancel your evening plans.

A genius die-hard fan of the band has put together a meticulous cartoon based on their 30-year career, in the style of Where’s Wally? The incredible image contains no less than 161 references to Billie Joe Armstrong and co.. Think you know your stuff about Green Day? This is the ultimate test.

Within the giant picture – which you might need to view in full resolution to play along – there are references to album covers, memorable lyrics and even band members’ pets. They’re not easy to pick up on, either – Tom Hanks appears bottom right holding his pet football from Castaway, a reference to the band’s 2000 song of the same name. There, have that one for free.

We’re not giving anything else away, but if for some bizarre reason you don’t have endless time to spare, there’s a quick cheatsheet on Reddit containing every reference Green Day fans have found so far.

The artist behind this project told the Green Day Authority forum that it “started as an attempt to recreate the band in a cartoon-ish style” before escalating into “a wall poster with reference to every Green Day album song.” It took almost two years to complete.

Without further ado, get spotting below. See if you can get all 161 without cheating!