This Iggy Pop and Nick Cave PETA video is the cutest thing ever

Prepare for your heart to burst, as Iggy turns shirtless superhero

Iggy Pop and Nick Cave are already heroes in everyone’s eyes. But what about animals? Do they see these rock gods as the saviours they are? A heartwarming new PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) suggests they do.

Nick Cave provides the campaign’s soundtrack by providing Bad Seeds song ‘Breathless’. It stars Iggy Pop as an animal-loving superhero, who leaves no stone unturned in turning the fates of seemingly doomed animals.

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A wrongdoing bogeyman tries to trap a fox, but Iggy saves the day. Next, a rabbit finds itself under siege, caught in the crossfire as rocks are thrown in its direction. Thankfully, Iggy has a pile of watermelon by his side (as you do), chucking them towards the bad guy. He then finds himself saving a stranded tortoise, who can’t cross the road in time, while a speeding car hurtles towards him. Ultimate Good Guy Iggy stands in the way of the soon-to-be-crushed reptile. And finally, just when there looked to be a limit to Iggy’s heroics, he rips apart a giant fishnet and saves the day once more.

It turns out these animated adventures are the dreams of Iggy’s pet dog, who imagines his owner as a more bare-chested version of Superman. That’s because dogs are amazing and they love everyone who crosses their path. The dog awakes from its slumber, gets called a good boy by Iggy, and by this point your heart will have swelled until it bursts PETA’s motto is “be the person your dog thinks you are.” Do what they say.

Iggy has a long history of backing PETA, alongside fellow musicians Little Mix, Morrissey, Paul McCartney and The Black Keys.

Head over to PETA’s website to sign their campaign to end animal homelessness.