What Did The Little Monsters Make Of New Lady Gaga Album ‘Joanne’?

Hello, you little monsters. So, Lady Gaga’s fifth album (not including 2009’s ‘The Fame Monster’, which was really a deluxe version of her debut) is finally out. It’s called ‘Joanne’ and was, of course, inspired by her deceased aunt. It introduces us to a new Gaga, a stripped-down Gaga, a Gaga far-removed from the studied performance art of her 2013 album ‘Artpop’.

It could be Stefani Joanne Angelina, the woman behind the moniker – or it could be another persona, another mask. Almost impossible to tell, though it’s certain she roped in some fantastic collaborators in the form of Father John Misty, Josh Homme, Beck and Mark Ronson, among others.

Gaga’s been talking up ‘Joanne’, telling NME in her recent cover interview that she was fearless in the making of the record. “Not to sound arrogant,” she said, “because I truly don’t believe I’m an arrogant person, but after selling 80 million records, you gotta kinda go: ‘OK, why the fuck right now would I throw in the towel and worry what everybody thinks of me?” She also told us: “Definitely I did not make this album with the opinion of the internet being thrust upon me through the toilet of the internet.”

Well, that may be so. Yet Lady Gaga enjoys a chummy relationship with her fans, whom she dubs her little monsters. What, then, do they make of this new outing? We took to Twitter to find out…


@PawsUpMonsterrs kept it old-school

Best. Album. Ever

Ben channelled Donald Trump

Jasmine is enjoying the song ‘John Wayne’

Catty works for Gaga now

Matthew wasn’t a fan of the track ‘Jewels and Drugs’ from ‘Artpop’, it seems

@lexbanham is INTO it

The effect on Ally has been profound

@mathiasenderlin’s homemade version of the album cover is #lifegoals

At least spooky Vic’s got something to look forward to

As does Mikhail

Piedra’s having himself a hoedown


Phillip was a voice in the wilderness

While Eduardo spoke for us all