Here’s your Friday night entertainment – it’s this week’s NME crossword

Don't have any weekend plans? Don't worry! We've got you sorted with the weekly NME crossword. All you need to do is print it off, and then you can take it down the pub/on the bus, or just tackle Trevor Hungerford's devilishly tricky clues in the comfort of your own home.

Crossword week 29

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword. How many did you get?



1 This Is A Call, 9+21A Frail State Of Mind, 10 Time, 11 Cher, 12 Signs, 14 Pain, 16 Stupid Girl, 17 Diva, 18 Total, 19 Nas, 22 Heart, 24+32A Where It’s At, 25 FBI, 26 PIL, 27 Peace, 29+25D Eternal Flame, 31 Aim, 33 Kennedy, 34 EMF.


2 Heaven Up There, 3 Self, 4 Setting Sun, 5 Cut And Run, 6+7D Left Hand Free, 9 Focus, 13 Fill Me In, 15+8A Never Ever, 20+18D Ship To Wreck, 23 Treats, 26 Play, 28 Arse, 30 Run, 32 If.