Mark Hoppus wants The 1975 collaboration after hearing ‘Girls’ recorded in style of Blink-182

Just mash-ups, breaking hearts

Next in a long line of ‘Songs You Didn’t Realise You Needed In Your Life Until You Heard Them’, The 1975’s old favourite ‘Girls’ has been covered in the style of Blink-182.

Not just any old Blink, either. ‘Girls’ has been reshaped to be given the same form and force as ‘Enema Of The State’, their classic album from 1999. That’s right – the very best era of Blink-182.

The cover / mash-up / stroke of genius comes from Cameron Hurley, a guitarist in pop-punk band We Are The In Crowd, who somehow had the flash of inspiration to combine two great things into a strange and surreal cocktail of brilliance. If you think this sounds pointless, unpalatable or completely mad on paper, think again. 

Listen to The 1975’s ‘Girls’ covered in the style of ‘Enema of the State’-era Blink-182 below.

“Girls” by The 1975 in the style of Enema Of The State era Blink-182 by Cameron Hurley

If for some reason you ever wondered what The 1975 would’ve sounded like if they came out of a San Diego Sombrero’s circa 1999…

Hurley’s cover flips The 1975’s original on its head, trading a synth-washed break-up banger for relentlessly-charged guitars and chugged power chords. Nobody else in their right mind imagined combining these two things, but it works. Incredible. 

Needless to say, people are losing their collective shit over the cover. We’re guessing Matty Healy might be a fan too, given he was one found singing ‘What’s My Age Again’ backstage at Sziget Festival, in Hungary.

Meanwhile, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus has even suggested the bands should cover ‘Girls’ together. Make it happen, guys.