Listen to the originals of the cover songs from The Last Shadow Puppets’ new EP

Check out the root material of TLSP's cap-doffing new EP

When you’re trying to recreate records from 1964 with your best mate for a laugh, of course you’re gonna pull out some covers. They were all padding out their albums with knocked off Chuck Berry numbers back then. So there’s no surprise that The Last Shadow Puppets’ new EP ‘The Dream Synopsis’ backs lead track ‘Aviation’ with a handful of cover tunes; it’s the tracks they’ve chosen that might raise eyebrows. Not exactly Scott Walker’s ‘Jackie’ and a quick ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ for this lot…


‘Les Cactus’




French for, oh yes, ‘The Cactus’, this was a 1967 hit for French beat singer Jacques Dutronc, caught here fighting an invisible bull with his jacket and thinking the TV shoot has finished 30 seconds before it actually has.


‘Totally Wired’




If Dutronc neatly fits TLSP’s antique aesthetic, a Manc drunkard singing about necking Es and communism seems a little off-message. Still, The Fall’s 1980 single is suitably semi-rockabilly, performed here by a radioactive Laurel And Hardy.


‘This Is Your Life’



Glaxo Babies were a Bristolian post-punk band with strong hints of Wire and The Pop Group, who split up before their first album came out and only really came to prominence when Alex Turner put their 1979 debut single onto a Spotify playlist.


‘Is This What You Wanted’



TLSP’s tribute to the late, great Laughing Len is nabbed from ‘New Skin For The Old Ceremony’ album, complete with references to Freud, Jesus, the beast of Babylon and, of course, wanking.