Tattoos, Ts and tins: a first look at Guns N’ Roses’ London pop-up store

Beer, merchandise, tattoos and, er, door mats

Tomorrow (June 29), legendary rockers Guns N’ Roses open a pop-up shop in London to mark the reissue of their 1987 debut album ‘Appetite For Destruction’.

It lets fans get their hands on exclusive merchandise – and get sloshed too.

Named ‘General Admission: London’, the pop-up boozer/shop sees Camden’s Proud Gallery transformed into a Guns N’ Roses fan’s heaven. Here’s what to expect.


Buy Guns N’ Roses merchandise here.

GN’R booze

And lots of it. There’s a bar serving tangy GN’R Indian Pale Ale in bottles bearing the tracklist from the rock giants’ iconic debut album. There’s GN’R wine and gin. And when you’ve necked all that, you might need a quick Slash.

GN’R beer

Customised leathers

GN’R jacket

This talented artist will paint GN’R’s album artwork on a customised leather jacket all day for £850 a pop. It’s delicate work, he says: “I did the Rolling Stones lip logo in a couple of hours, but when it comes to Guns N’ Roses, I’m here all day.”

Grammable stuff aplenty

As soon as you walk through the door, you’re greeted by cardboard cut-out skeletons wearing beefeater costumes. Guns meets Buck House meets your Instagram feed.




Always wanted to have a GN’R tattoo? Here’s the place. Plenty of brave souls took the opportunity to do so at the preview.

Punters receive GN’R tattoos

So very many things to buy

GN’R merch

The GN’R cavern is a collector’s paradise city, with products ranging from a £850 limited edition ‘Appetite For Destruction’ box-set (think the Hellraiser cube but GN’R related) to £15 doormats which simply say ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’.

There are also T-shirts, hoodies, key rings and even GN’R wallpaper (yes really) which will set you back around £75 a roll. You can also get every format of ‘Appetite For Destruction’ under the sun, be it the basic double CD, the deluxe vinyl album or that monster super-deluxe box-set.

The Show

As you meander into the final room, a young Guns N’ Roses treat you to their landmark show at the Ritz in New York in 1988 on a huge screen.

Head down to ‘General Admission: London’ from 11am tomorrow (June 29) to Sunday (July 1).