Oneman on Dr. Martens

Why I Love Dr. Martens boots – by Oneman

Promotional feature with Dr. Martens

DJ Oneman, aka Steve Bishop, tells us why Dr. Martens matter

First made in 1960, the 1460 Dr. Martens boot has been worn by musicians and pop culture icons for over 50 years, but its appeal stretches far beyond the rock, punk, indie and grunge scenes. Steve Bishop, better known as South London-based DJ Oneman, is known for eclectic sets in which he mixes garage, dubstep, two-step, grime and more. Just as he blends styles while performing, he started wearing Dr. Martens as one of their Worn Different ambassadors, and is now a full convert. He tells us about it.

You wouldn’t normally find DJs wearing Docs

“You more associate them with the punk thing – especially the classic boot. It’s a heritage brand that made utility boots, but they were taken on by British youth culture, they were re-appropriated in a way because they’re still utility fashion but for kids going to gigs and festivals, keeping the feet dry and safe, just like when they were originally designed.”

DJs play a lot of festivals now, so maybe we all need a pair

“You’ve got all sorts of obstacles when you play festivals, from the mud to the slippery metal walkways, the purpose-built stages. It’s a hazardous environment for sure. It’s not like stepping down into a basement club in Glasgow.”

Oneman on Dr. Martens

Oneman on Dr. Martens

I grew up more of a trainer guy

“When I was younger I was wearing trainers listening to pirate radio and garage crews. I don’t think Docs were even on my radar, though maybe some of the grunger kids wore them. We never looked at shoes – we were looking for the Nike tick.”

I found the DMs for me, and they’re all-white boots

“I have this white pair, they’re called Baynes Chukka Boots, and when I wear them I get a lot of comments. People tell me they’re quite sick, you know. I think it’s because they’re all white. I’m used to wearing all white trainers – fresh Nike Air or fresh Reebok Classics – and the Dr. Martens I have feel the closest to that. You’ve got the whiteness, the durable sole, but it’s a Dr. Martens boot. I have this thing about coloured shoes – I feel uncomfortable looking down at my feet and not seeing white. It’s strangely OCD and I can’t quite explain it.” 

Oneman on Dr. Martens

Oneman on Dr. Martens

Trust me, you can wear Dr. Martens with tracksuit bottoms

“I like the mid-boot, the ankle, because you can wear them with jeans or with tracksuit bottoms. I think they drop really nicely over DMs – I’ve had some compliments about that, too.”

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