Brain-Eating Brilliance: Bugzy Malone on ‘The Walking Dead Riddim’, his tribute to the smash-hit show

This will whet your appetite for season eight.

Manchester rapper Bugzy Malone probably loves The Walking Dead even more than you do. In fact, he’s released ‘The Walking Dead Riddim’, a new track – with a suitable gory accompanying video – to celebrate the upcoming eighth series. Set to the zombie drama’s terse instrumental theme tune, it sees him explain his love for the show, while weighing up the pros and cons of a post-apocalyptic landscape (mainly: the roads would be quiet so you could drive to the barbers more easily). Here, he spills his guts about his favourite TV show.

 Hi Bugzy! What inspired you to make a track about The Walking Dead?


I’m a massive fan of the show. I like how it shows the whole post-apocalyptic situation from a different angle – it’s very detailed and well put-together. You’re not just seeing the action; you’re seeing the effect it has on people’s lives. We had a lot of fun making the video. I really got into the character. I was a proper zombie [aka ‘a walker’] at the end.

Have you read the comics?

 No, I don’t follow the comics because I don’t want spoilers. I remember when Negan hit someone with a bat [creating a massive cliffhanger at the end of season six] and everyone was like, ‘Who’s he killed?’ I have friends that follow the comics trying to tell me but I didn’t want to know.

There’s a section on the track where you talk about your admiration of Carol [Melissa McBride]. Is she your favourite character?

 She’s gangsta innit! You’ve seen her develop over time; you’ve seen her go from being scared and submissive to taking things into her own hands. When she lost her daughter, that tipped her over the edge. Now she’s like this one mad soldier.


How do you think the show will end?

 Negan [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] has to go at some point, d’you know what I’m saying? Something’s gotta go wrong for him. The whole show starts with Rick [Andrew Lincoln] coming from a hospital bed and finding his family again. He’s been hit with challenge after challenge after challenge. You’re rooting for him all the way through. You just want to see him get to a better situation at the end.

Do you watch the spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead?

 No – is it good? Is Rick in it?

It is good! They’re totally different characters, but people reckon there might be a crossover at some point

[After a thoughtful pause] If it crosses over, I might be interested.

Where does your love of zombies stem from?

 I watched Dawn of the Dead when I was young and I was intrigued. I like the whole zombie thing – what would it be like in real life? I thought: “Could this be a reality? Is it gonna happen?”

How would you, Bugzy, fare in the event of a real-life zombie apocalypse?

 I’d survive! I can tell you that. I train as a boxer but don’t think that would help – I definitely wouldn’t wanna be touching any Walkers.

– The Walking Dead season eight is available to watch live and on-demand via TV streaming service NOW TV with a contract free Entertainment Pass for £7.99.

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