Margate’s Very Friendly sum up your hangover with regret-fuelled double A-side ‘Coming Down / Coming Easy’

NME is happy to premiere this homage to the hangover

The music world has drawn on excess since day dot, and the comedown has traditionally inspired musicians as much as the good times that preceded it. Modest Mouse admitted that ‘The Good Times Are Killing Me’, while The Verve ruefully conceded that ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’. Now, Margate shoegaze duo Very Friendly (aka vocalist and guitarist Tindall and sound artist Sam Pearce) have thrown opened the curtains to face the world and make their contribution to the canon.

‘Coming Down’ and ‘Coming Easy’, both released as a double A-side single and happily premiered here, ooze with the body horror that is a really horrendous morning after the night before. You know: fat beads of sweat burrowing out of your skin like beetles, knives sloshing around in your belly. You try to move your head and karma squeezes your skull with the spite and malice that, frankly, you deserve.


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Luckily, the message is delivered through two buzzy, atmospheric, beautifully hazy guitar tracks. On ‘Coming Down’, Harry croaks, ‘”Holding my pillow in my bed / Oh my God head is harrowing / When I’m coming down”, over a lilting, looping guitar refrain, before the song bursts into a blizzard of layered shoegaze brilliance. ‘Coming Easy’ is the upward curve, as doo-wop backing backing vocals usher in a more mellow track on which the singer pleads, “Take me somewhere comfortable / I want to hide somewhere in my room.”

“We all too often tell ourselves this will be the last time and that we will strive to better ourselves; to stop fucking ourselves up physically and mentally,” Harry tells NME. “However, people with these dispositions seldom say no to the opportunity of fun and it can take as little as a text from a friend or ‘associate’ to drag us back to the quick fix of getting on it again.”

He continues: “‘Coming Easy’ is the continuation of ‘Coming Down’, what happens next – the pitfall. We start in the fragile mindset, ‘Freaking out, I’m torn apart by the wind / I know what the right thing is to do, but I just can’t do it’. We know what we need to do when we feel awful, but temptation is far too easy.” At least Very Friendly managed to turn their mind mush into a couple of killer tracks.