Matty Healy in a hospital gown paying homage to Kurt Cobain shows he’s learned from the best

The 1975 frontman went onstage with a fake drip following his recent hospitalisation

Some gigs are undeniably legendary: Jimi Hendrix setting fire to his guitar at Monterey Pop Festival. The Beatles playing on the top of the Apple building. When Bob Dylan went electric at Newport Folk Festival. Oh and last night [Sunday February 2] when The 1975 paid homage to another iconic performance: Nirvana headlining Reading Festival in 1992.

After The 1975 cancelled their performance at Brisbane’s Laneway Festival on Saturday following Matty Healy’s hospitalisation for a “bout of serious sickness”, fans were unsure whether the band would be able to play Laneway in Sydney the next day. But when it was time for the band’s set, Matty walked onstage dressed in a hospital gown with a fake drip, before launching into the band’s fiery, political smash ‘People’.

A massive statement to be sure, but what many The 1975 fans haven’t twigged is that Matty’s move was a tribute to 1992’s Nirvana show at Reading show, which saw Kurt Cobain pushed onstage in a hospital gown by journalist Everett True. Cobain did it to take aim at rumours of his ill health and drug abuse, and then wore the gown for the rest of the triumphant performance.


And whilst some were unaware of Matty’s moment’s legendary heritage, others were quick to draw comparisons between the two events.

We’ll have to check back in in 30 years time to see if this one goes down in history the same way…