17 upcoming Netflix Original TV series you’ll be addicted to in 2018

Unmissable television that everyone will be watching

*Lots of TBC release dates – but we’ll update as the information becomes available

Everything Sucks!

Hey, you! Yeah, you. Like the ‘90s? Thought so. Well, listen good cos you’re gonna want to hear about Everything Sucks! It’s the new coming-of-age comedy from Netflix that parodies teen culture in the mid-90s. It’s moody, sarcastic and 100 times cooler than you, so get over it. Season 1 hits the internet later this month. Make sure you watch it. Or don’t, I don’t care. Who am I – your fucking mother? Jeez.

For fans of: Freaks and Geeks


Release date: February 16

Seven Seconds

Veena Sud, creator of Scandi-noir series The Killing, returns next month with another thrilling murder-mystery show. This time it’s set in New Jersey and details the death of a 15-year old African American boy which sets off a police cover-up. Featuring a cast of relative unknowns, Seven Seconds could be Netflix’s surprise hit of 2018.

For fans of: The Sinner

Release date:  February 23

On My Block


“How are we going to survive high school?” Frustrated teen Monse’s question rings loud and clear throughout this coming-of-age comedy. But how exactly will this diverse group of friends make it through their formative years in gritty, inner-city Los Angeles. It won’t be easy. You’ll just have to watch and find out.

For fans of: Everybody Hates Chris

Release date: March 16


The Mechanism

Loosely based on real events, this political drama features all of the blood, sex and drugs that made Narcos such a hit. It follows an investigation of alleged corruption in oil and construction companies in Brazil and premieres next month. A love of Portuguese subtitles is required.

For fans of: Narcos

Release date: March 23

Lost In Space

This sci-fi web series is a reboot of the classic ‘60s show about a family struggling for survival in outer space. It was cheesy, wholesome and (to be honest) a bit shit. Ask your Dad.

For fans of: Star Trek: Discovery

Release date: TBC



Hollywood heavyweights Emma Stone and Jonah Hill star in this dark comedy from True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga. Based on a 2014 Norwegian series, Maniac revolves around the fantasy worlds of two patients in a mental institution. It’s one of Netflix’s big budget projects for the year and needs to do well.

For fans of: Better Call Saul

Release date: TBC


Dogs Of Berlin

Netflix’s second German-language production tells the story of two Berlin police detectives forced into a territorial battle with the city’s underworld.They must put their vastly contrasting styles to one side and cooperate, while confronting their own corruption. If you like gritty, hard-to-follow dramas with unlikeable protagonists, this is for you.

For fans of: Dark

Release date: TBC

netflix originals
L-R: Hannah Herzsprung, Fahri Yardim, showrunner Christian Alvart, Katharina Schüttler, producer Sigi Kamml, Felix Kramer, cinematographer Frank Lamm, Anna Maria Mühe and Katrin Sass.

The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs

The Coen Brothers might have won every film award going during their 34-year career, but they’ve never done TV before. TBOBS marks their first foray onto the small screen and it features pistol-whippin’ cowboys, grimy frontiersmen and wise old native american chieftains. Liam Neeson, Tim Blake Nelson, Zoe Kazan and James Franco are all set to star in the six-part anthology which sounds kind of like a Wild West Black Mirror. Saddle up.

For fans of: Godless

Release date: TBC

Coen Brothers Netflix
The Coen Brothers’ new TV series ‘The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs’ will air on Netflix in 2018


Matt Groening is responsible for some of TV’s best loved adult animations. While The Simpsons and Futurama have undoubtedly been steadily declining in quality, they still throw up the odd classic episode every so often. Maybe a fresh challenge is what Groening needs to get the creative juices flowing again. Enter Disenchantment – Netflix’s new cartoon sitcom where alcoholic princesses live alongside elves and demons in a medieval fantasy world called Beanlandia. Sounds… interesting.

For fans of: The Simpsons, duh

Release date: TBC

Green Eggs And Ham

If you grew up on Dr Seuss then you’re in for a laptop screen-sized treat in 2018. Coming to (you guessed it) Netflix later this year is a 13-episode animated adaptation of the classic 1960 kids book Green Eggs And Ham. Ellen Degeneres is on Executive Producer duties so you know it’ll be good. Check out the 1973 version below.

For fans of: What do you think?

Release date: TBC

The Umbrella Academy

Gerard Way’s excellent comic book series about a family of superheroes gets a TV adaptation at long last. Written by Jeremy Slater (The Exorcist) and helmed by Steve Blackman (Fargo, Altered Carbon), the live-action series stars Ellen Page (Juno) alongside Robert Sheehan (Misfits). Think The Incredibles living in The Addams Family mansion.

For fans of: The Munsters

Release date: TBC

A cover of the ‘Umbrella Academy’ comic


Lauren Gussis is the award-winning producer of Dexter. Andrew Fleming directed teen classic The Craft back in the ‘90s. Together they’re the brains behind Insatiable – a quirky, dark comedy about a disgraced lawyer turned beauty pageant coach who takes on a spiteful teenager as his client. It’s a match made in TV heaven.

For fans of: The End Of The F**ing World

Release date: TBC


The Good Cop

Written by Andy Breckman (Monk), this Tony Danza-starring crime dramedy centers on a disgraced former cop in New York. He lives with his son (Josh Groban), who he gives unwanted relationship advice to in frequently hilarious fashion. They’re a modern day Odd Couple for the YouTuber generation.

For fans of: Two and a Half Men

Release date: TBC

netflix originals
Star of Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ Tony Danza arrives at the Clive Davis and Recording Academy Pre-GRAMMY Gala in NYC

Watership Down

Inspired by the terrifying 1978 film, Watership Down sees Netflix team up with BBC One for a very British miniseries. If you need proof of the story’s enduring popularity, just look at the cast list. Everyone and their pet rabbit has got a spot. James McAvoy (Split), Nicholas Hoult (Skins), John Boyega (Star Wars), Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) and Olivia Coleman (Peep Show) all feature. Check out the original below.

For fans of: Your childhood nightmares

Release date: TBC


Raising Dion

If you loved Michael B. Jordan’s all star turn in Black Panther, then you’re in for a treat. Raising Dion, his latest passion project, is getting a full scale Netflix release. It’s the story of a single mum who’s forced to hide her son’s superpowers in order to protect him from exploitation. To make it even more difficult, she has to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding her husband’s death. Sorry, who’s the superhero?

For fans of: Heroes

Release date: TBC


Remember the evil, scheming nurse from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest? Well, she’s back. Not content with terrifying cinema-goers in the ’70s, the nurse from hell is set for a whole TV series later this year. Helmed by American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy and starring Sara Paulson as the titular creep, Ratched will focus on a younger – and hopefully nicer – version of the character. See Louise Fletcher’s deliciously cruel original in action below.

For fans of: American Horror Story

Release date: TBC

The Rain

When a deadly virus wipes out half the population, two siblings search desperately for safety. That’s the premise of dark and scary Scandi-thriller The Rain, set for release this year. It’s Netflix’s debut Denmark co-production and looks like one of the streaming service’s most promising new series.

For fans of: The Walking Dead

Release date: Spring