The new indie amnesty: music fans share the embarrassing ways they incorporated bands into their schoolwork

Homoerotic Manic Street Preachers fan fiction? Blink-182 Powerpoint presentations? Beatles' drama monologues? NME's Sammy Maine opened a can of worms on Twitter

When you’re a teenager discovering your favourite band for the first time, their influence becomes this all-consuming, identity-extending obsession. I can’t tell you how many times I had to re-buy Blink 182‘s ‘Enema of the State’ just because my crappy CD walkman couldn’t handle how much I listened to it (on the way to school, during lessons, during lunch, on the way home from school etc).

I plastered my bag with patches of Bikini Kill, Green Day, Incubus and System of a Down; I adorned my locker with cut-outs from my favourite music magazines; I incessantly bugged my parents to buy me tickets to gigs hundreds of miles away from my crappy East Midlands hometown; I scribbled band logos all over my converse.

I thought my 13-old self was punk AF. (I was).


So, it’s only natural that this obsession would extend to my school work. Any way I could incorporate lyrics or artwork into an English essay or an art project, I absolutely would. And after sharing the story of my C-graded Incubus wall-hanging (made with silk, no less), other music fans began sharing their well-intentioned but ultimately cringe-worthy stories of incorporating their favourite band into their school work.

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