It’s a nice day for a Glastonbury wedding

Jack Watney and Sarah Adey started Glastonbury by getting married - to each other! Lovely.

Glastonbury 2019 got off to a loved-up start this Thursday morning with the wedding of Jack Watney and Sarah Adey at the The Croissant Neuf bandstand.

After first meeting at university, the pair – who live in the town of Glastonbury itself – got engaged two years ago at the festival. Hundreds of people watched as they exchanged vows before Primal Scream’s ‘Movin’ On Up’ blasted out of the speakers.

The couple then made the short walk up to the Stone Circle where they cut their wedding cake and were toasted by their friend and officiator, Darren Lambert, who read a section of David Bowie’s lyrics for ‘Absolute Beginners’. After the ceremony, Jack and Sarah told NME that previous instances of couples getting engaged and married at Glastonbury had inspired them to tie the knot themselves, and they also revealed that they’d be spending their wedding night in a tent that they’d found and salvaged after someone had left it behind at a previous year’s festival. In a very un-Glastonbury development, the sun was shining the whole time! Ain’t love grand.