The ultimate collection of animals that look like celebrities

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So, there is a cow that looks like Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. The musician himself has endorsed his bovine doppelgänger – who lives on a ranch in in Texas – tweeting that “this is real folks!!!!” A slightly incoherent sentiment from Gene there, but then he is looking at a mirror while also looking at a Texan cow. You’d be tongue-tied too. Anyway, this is not the first animal that has looked like a celebrity. Who could forget the horse in Barnsley that bored a dandyish resemblance to Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis? Or the jaunty cat that looked like Leonardo DiCaprio popping out of the off-license to restock his yacht with bottles of bubbly and a few cans of Pringles in anticipation of the arrival of 70 supermodels? None of us could forget, and none of us would want to. Here, then, is NME‘s ultimate collection of animals that look like celebrities, which will make you look at your own non-showbiz pet with quiet disappointment.