From The Video Vaults: Remember When Coldplay Were Young, Nervous And A Bit Geeky?

Coldplay are one the biggest bands in the world, have shifted over 80 million records and, as such, will be crowned for their ‘Godlike Genius’ at the NME Awards on February 17.

They’ll perform an exclusive set of their greatest songs at the event, of which frontman Chris Martin has said: “We’re extremely grateful to the NME for giving us this award. It’s a huge honour and it means everything to us as Coldplay would be nothing without the NME. Appearing in the magazine for the first time in 1998 – in the smallest font – was the biggest thing that ever happened to us, and their love and support changed our world. Thank you so much NME.”

Yet it wasn’t always this way. Join us on as we disappear through the indie wormhole to the year 2000, when fresh-faced Martin and bassist Guy Berryman – just two years into their formation… or was it three? They couldn’t remember – gave NME an on-camera an interview about the NME Awards Tour. Yes, they were on the bill behind Campag Velocet, a late ’90s indie band you almost definitely don’t remember.


The four-piece now plays football stadiums and their individual members look and act very much like pop royalty – with Beyonce on speed dial – but, as you’ll see in the 16-year-old clip below, they were once adorably gawky young men. There are flashes of confidence here and there, as Martin says their song ‘Trouble’ is “good, actually” and – probably more impressively – beams, “We’ve got an organ now, haven’t we”.

He also brought along a toy megaphone, which is apparently a good device for attracting the opposite sex. They’ve come along way and we’re pleased to say we were there right from the start