The funniest moments at the VO5 NME Awards 2018

Gonna be honest, not everything went to plan

The joy of the V05 NME Awards is that you never know quite what’s going to go down. NME history is littered with tales of chaos and excess at the annual shindig (Oli Sykes smashing up Coldplay’s table! Russell Brand and Bob Geldof having a silly war of words!) and there are always endless instances of did-that-actually-just-happen? Last night’s event was as absurd as ever – so let’s put our heads together and try to make sense of its strangest and funniest moments.

Big Narstie didn’t know who Loyle Carner was

Carner won Best British solo artist supported by VO5, and fellow south London rapper Narstie was on hand to present the gong. Full of confidence, Narstie bellowed that the winner was… “Loyle Corner!” So close, Mr. Narstie.

And he took a shine to NME writer Leonie Cooper


Narstie repeated the mistake backstage, where he and our scribe had something of a connection.

Kasabian made a concerted effort to sneak past red carpet host Elspeth Pierce

Our livestream presenter was deep in conversation with nice guy of pop Craig David and, seeing this, the lads from Leicester saw their chance to get into the awards without having to chit-chat. This was a covert operation, yet the four-piece didn’t appear to break a sweat. In fact, they made it look eez-eh.

Jammer’s acceptance speech was perhaps the weirdest of the night

“What I’m saying is,” he opened, as grime collective Boy Better Know took to the podium to collect their Innovation Award, “it’s took a long time… but sometimes you think time is never gonna be the time… But it’s that time.” As speech-giving goes, that’s certainly an, er, innovative approach.

Skepta took a shine to a skull

NME photographer Dean Chalkley likes to bring a prop or two to a photoshoot. In the green room backstage, he had with him, among other assorted paraphernalia, a skull. The only star interested in posing with the skull was your friend and mine, Skepta. When he was told that he had to leave the green room to present Liam Gallagher with his Godlike Genius award, Skepta politely handed the skull back to Dean as if it were a delicate Fabergé egg that he’d been kindly allowed to look for a while.

James Bay didn’t have his hat on


W T F. Pop sensation James Bay never used to go anywhere without his hat on. Yet here he was, sans hat, running his hands through his tousled hair as if there were nothing wrong at all. For Christ’s sake, James, where’s your bloody hat? “I only had three,” he told us. “And one of them was really old. So I sacked that off and then I only had two. They’re in a cupboard. But where is this cupboard, James? So many tantalising questions at the VO5 NME Awards 2018.

Edgar Wright accepted a banana while Beck danced in the background

The film director picked up Best Film supported by Zig-Zag for the frenetic heist movie Baby Driver, but was away on set, so delivered his acceptance speech via video. He thanked us for the banana he was holding, which as far as we know is not what we paid the couriers to ship and, at one point, Beck shimmied past in a white suit. The filmmaker also quipped, “The only more appropriate way I could get given this award is to have it handed to me at a tube station on a Tuesday.” NME comes out on a Friday, Edgar. You’re thinking of Time Out.

Charli XCX struggled to get her car going

The musician also accepted her Best Track award supported by Estrella Galicia via video. She was sunk into an open-top sports car, which she revved up after saying, “Go party, get fucked-up, see you later.” Unfortunately, she couldn’t get the car started properly, as multiple takes revealed, and then careered up onto the kerb. Charli was clearly in on the joke, but we get the feeling she won’t be asked to host Top Gear any time soon.

Piers Morgan got in a huff

The wallet-faced ham was named Villain of the Year, and the next day, on Good Morning Britain, released a lot of hot air in our direction. “I don’t win many awards, so I’m really touched – thannkyou, NME,” he said. “I didn’t get the actual award because I’m here in Hollywood; not a place most of your or your readers are ever gonna get to.” The joke’s on you, Piers – I’ve been on holiday.