VO5 NME Awards 2017: From Coldplay’s Viola Beach tribute to Skepta winning the Mercury Prize, here are your Music Moment Of The Year nominees

Which will go down in history as the most memorable music moment of the year?

Every year there are a few standout moments that everyone remembers. Be they record releases, incredible live performances or something else entirely, they are the moments that go down in history. Which of the six nominated from 2016 will enter the books as the Music Moment Of The Year? We’ll find out on February 15…

Bring Me The Horizon invade Coldplay’s table at the NME Awards 2016

When: February 17 2016
Why was it one of the music moments of the year?: 
It shut up the people moaning about music being too safe for a while. Sure, it wasn’t the wildest thing to happen in the history of music, but Oli Sykes jumping on Coldplay’s table mid-performance while a bemused Chris Martin looked on was definitely a step in the right direction. If nothing else, it gave us all a bit of a laugh in an otherwise bleak year, eh?

Coldplay’s Viola Beach tribute at Glastonbury

When: June 26 2016
Why was it one of the music moments of the year?: It was probably the most moving thing to happen at Worthy Farm in years. In February last year, Viola Beach were in Sweden to perform at the Where Is The Music? festival when they and their manager were involved in a tragic car crash, which took all of their lives. In the months that followed, tons of tributes from throughout the music world were paid to the rising Warrington group, including this touching moment during Coldplay’s Glastonbury headline set. Covering ‘Boys That Sing’ alongside the band’s original recording of the song, Chris Martin gave a speech beforehand saying they were going to “create Viola Beach’s alternative future for them and let them play Glastonbury for a song.”

Beyoncé drops Lemonade

When: April 23 2016
Why was it one of the music moments of the year?: Nobody does an album release like Beyoncé. She made the surprise drop a thing on her self-titled record in 2013 and, after a trail of copycats tried to pull the move off as impressively (and failed), she returned to remind us all why it’s a strategy that no one but her should utilise. There were some hints with ‘Lemonade’ – HBO announced it would be broadcasting the project, whatever it was, for free, while the singer put out her own trailer that got fans speculating. No one could have imagined the brilliance that was to be unleashed, though – a future Emmy-nominated film accompaniment to a career-best album that blew everyone else out of the water.

Pete Doherty plays The Bataclan

When: November 16 2016
Why was it one of the music moments of the year?: Sting may have beat Pete to the official re-opening of the Paris venue that was one of the targets of 2015’s terror attacks, but that didn’t diminish the sense of occasion about the night one jot. On an emotional night, Pete proved to be the perfect performer, leading the Parisian crowd in a rendition of the French national anthem and even inviting his Libertines bandmate Carl Barat to join him on stage for a few songs. Proof yet again that music is the ultimate unifier.

Skepta wins the Mercury Prize

When: September 15 2016
Why was it one of the music moments of the year?: It was a victory for an independent artist who’s worked hard for years and a victory for grime. The win also recognised a truly brilliant record that relied on great songwriting rather than gimmicks or well-worn formulas to resonate with its audience.

The Stone Roses’ first new music in 20 years

When: May 12 2016
Why was it one of the music moments of the year?: The world had been waiting for it for two decades. Talk about needing to have a lot of patience. Luckily for Roses fans, the band rewarded them with not one, but two new tracks, released in quick succession in ‘All For One’ and ‘Beautiful Thing’.

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