NME Awards 2012 – Best British Band?

2011 has been a thrilling year in music in the UK with the return of some big-hitters, some long-time slow burners coming into full bloom and some stunning debuts.

With the NME Awards 2012 fast approaching, the first phase of voting is now open, and we’re going to look at each category in depth.

Starting with: Best British Band. Who will get your vote?


Previous winners have included the likes of The Jam, The Smiths, Blur, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Muse, so who deserves to join that list?

The Horrors have had a great year. ‘Skying’ was a wonderful way to conclude a trilogy of albums that has seem them growing from schlock rockers to shimmering, quasi-stadium rockers. There seemed to be no other band who held their musical space so expertly this year.

Also top of our list is Metronomy. On ‘The English Riviera, they added some soft rock influences into an already irresistible palette. Becoming a proper live band, also seemed to give wings to Joe Mount’s romantic soundscapes.

What do you think? Vote now and make yourself heard!