NME Awards 2015 With Austin, Texas: Who Should Win Best Film?

Voting for this year’s NME Awards with Austin, Texas closes on Friday (January 30), so there’s not long left for you to have you say. Here’s a reminder of the six nominees in the Best Film category, followed by further information about the awards and how to vote.


The hot favourite to win Best Picture at this month’s Academy Awards is a coming-of-age drama like no other. Director Richard Linklater shot Boyhood in three or four day bursts over a period of 12 years, allowing him to track the lead character’s journey from child to teenager to young adult with total authenticity. Patricia Arquette’s beautifully nuanced performance as Olivia, the boy’s mother, will almost certainly win her an Academy Award of her own.


This quirky comedy-drama follows wannabe musician Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) as he joins an experimental indie band fronted by the enigmatic Frank (Michael Fassbender), a talented oddball who wears a grotesque papier-mâché head throughout the film. The film’s funny but ultimately thought-provoking story is fictional, but partly inspired by Frank Sidebottom, a comedic character with a similarly eye-catching papier-mâché head created by the late Chris Sievey.

Get On Up

Produced by Mick Jagger and directed by The Help‘s Tate Taylor, this acclaimed biopic chronicles James Brown’s rise from an impoverished upbringing in 1950s Georgia to global superstardom as the ‘Godfather of Soul’. Dan Aykroyd and Octavia Spencer provide impressive support as Brown’s hustling manager and sympathetic Aunt Honey, but Get On Up is made special by Chadwick Boseman’s incendiary lead performance as the late soul legend.

God Help The Girl

Written and directed by Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch, this musical drama follows the members of a fictional Glasgow-based indie band as they bond, squabble and ultimately opt to go their separate ways. It’s a completely charming film featuring compelling performances from Years & Years band member Olly Alexander, Sucker Punch actress Emily Browning and former Skins star Hannah Murray – not to mention a soundtrack packed with melodic original songs.

The Inbetweeners 2

If the cast members are to be believed, this Australia-based sequel is the last time we’ll see Inbetweeners Neil, Jay, Simon and Will, so at least they sign off in the manner to which we’ve become accustomed. This means loads of gross-out jokes, “bants” aplenty, and several cringe-inducing humiliation scenes including one in which Neil gets his balls licked by a dog while dressed as Hermione from Harry Potter. This lolzy lot will definitely be missed.

Northern Soul

It took photographer-turned-director Elaine Constantine around 15 years to secure funding for her passion project, but it was certainly worth the wait: Northern Soul is an affectionate homage to the ’70s music scene that captures all the sweaty thrill of dancing to fast and furious pop hits from across the pond in packed northern venues. Heartwarmingly, Constantine’s underdog became a surprise box office success when it opened in UK cinemas last October.

To vote, head to nme.com/awardsvote. The NME Awards 2015 with Austin, Texas takes place at the O2 Academy Brixton, London, on February 18, with tickets available now.