VO5 NME Awards 2017: 10 of Pet Shop Boys’ most Godlike tunes

Their back catalogue is packed to the rafters with songs that justify their Godlike Genius status

What makes a band or artist Godlike? Their musical output is a big part of it, as well as attitude, personality, live shows and innovative spirit (and so much more) of course. Pet Shop Boys have no worries on that front – their back catalogue is heaving with incredible songs. It’s hard to narrow them down to just a handful, but we’ve gone ahead and tried. Here’s 10 of the band’s most Godlike tunes. Disagree? Tell us what would make your list in the comments.

‘West End Girls’

Best lyric:You’ve got a heart of glass or a heart of stone/Just you wait til I get you home
Fact: It was partially inspired by T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land.

‘It’s A Sin’


Best lyric:At school they taught me how to be/So pure of thought and word and deed/They didn’t quite succeed
Fact: Neil Tennant recites the Confiteor, a prayer said at the start of Mass, during the song.

‘Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money)’

Best lyric:You can tell I’m educated/I studied at the Sorbonne/Doctored in mathematics/I could have been a don
Fact: The duo have said the cyncial air of the song was inspired by the attitude of the punk scene.


Best lyric: “I’m a slave to glamour/Applause and clamour/My make up, my wardrobe, my wigs
Fact: The track was originally released as the b-side to ‘Go West’, appearing later on compilation album ‘Alternative’.



‘What Have I Done To Deserve This?’

Best lyric: You always wanted a lover/I only wanted a job
Fact: Dusty Springfield guested on the track, which revived her career. After, PSB wrote and produced two more songs for the singer.

‘Being Boring’

Best lyric:We dressed up and fought, then thought ‘make amends/And we were never holding back or worried that time would come to an end
Fact: The song is about a friend of Tennant’s who died of AIDS and sees the musician reminiscing on their lives together as teenagers.

‘Domino Dancing’

Best lyric:I’ve seen you look at strangers too many times/The love you want is of a different kind
Fact: The pair were disappointed that it only charted at Number 9. “That’s it, it’s all over,” Tennant remembers thinking at the time.


Best lyric:Stood by the bus stop with a felt pen in this suburban hell/And in the distance a police car to break the suburban spell
Fact: The track was inspired by the LA suburbs and the Brixton riots of 1981 and 1985.

‘Love Comes Quickly’

Best lyric:You can fly away to the end of the world/But where does it get you to?
Fact: The cover of the single featured Chris Lowe in a cap with the word “BOY” on it. Tennant later said he thought that sleeve would be the band’s “coming out moment”.


Best lyric:You phoned me in the evening on hearsay and bought me caviar/You took me to a restaurant off Broadway to tell me who you are
Fact: Brandon Flowers performed the song with the band in LA in 2015, while Tennant has also played it with Suede in the past.

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The VO5 NME Awards take place on February 15 at London’s O2 Academy Brixton. BBC Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens will host the ceremony.