Red Carpet Style Guide In Partnership with VO5

Last month, the world’s most fashionable descended on the VO5 NME Awards 2017 for a wild night of intensely enjoyable celebrations. These guys did it properly.

Héloïse Letissier

28, Christine & The Queens frontwoman

Describe your ‘do: “A loose, messy ponytail.”
Discuss your duds: “I’m wearing Stella McCartney, but it’s a bit too big for me so I’m like a French mess on the red carpet tonight.”

Top fashion tip: “Be comfortable. I think that’s the most important fashion tip. You could be in high heels or naked – just be comfortable.”

Izzy Phillips

24, Black Honey frontwoman

Describe your ‘do: “Bleach blonde bob that I do a lot of sleeping in to try and achieve the look.”
Discuss your duds: “Pastel pink vintage suit that I sewed some snakes onto.”

Top fashion tip: “Do what the fuck you want. Celebrate being weird and always stay true to yourself.”

Dan Smith

30, Bastille frontman

Describe your ‘do: “It exists and it’s on top of my head.”
Discuss your duds: “I wear the same outfit pretty much every day of my life. This jacket’s green so for me this is a radical departure [from black].”

Top fashion tip: “Don’t wear anything that makes you bleed.”


Joe Mount

34, Metronomy frontman and producer

Describe your ‘do: “I’m embracing my curls this evening. I washed my hair and I don’t do that very often.”
Discuss your duds: “Sports casj has been my look since I was a teenager. Uniqlo is where I go now. These are very comfortable trousers.”

Top fashion tip: “Hand-me-downs. Find someone bigger than you, wait til they get bigger and get their stuff.”

Charli XCX

24, singer and songwriter

Describe your ‘do: “I just got off a flight yesterday so it’s just what was leftover from the Grammys.”
Discuss your duds: “A top that says sex symbol that I bought from a sex store, and PVC trousers that have a hole in the crotch. Rock’n’roll, y’know.”

Top fashion tip: “Wear what’s on your bedroom floor. That’s always the best and it’s there for a reason.”

Clara Amfo

32, BBC Radio 1 DJ

Describe your ‘do: “A full and fabulous afro. The bigger the better.”
Discuss your duds: “The jacket is by Felder Felder – it’s my Diana Ross pimp coat. The dress is by Olivia Jordan.” 

Top fashion tip: “Always be comfortable. Wear what suits your figure. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident always.”

Martin Garrix

20, DJ and producer

Describe your ‘do: “I have a very simple hair do. I comb it back a couple of times and it sets the way it is.”
Discuss your duds: “This is a Givenchy jacket and the rest is Fear Of God and Amery.”

Top fashion tip: “Be yourself. Do your own thing and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.”


Jordan Cardy

21, Rat Boy frontman

Describe your ‘do: “Fucked up. I don’t wash it enough and it’s got weird tangles on top. They’re not dreads, it’s just a mess.”
Discuss your duds: “The new Scum clothing line that I’ve been designing. Plus Dickies and Paradise, which is a cool skate brand.”

Top fashion tip: “Do what all the fashionable people are doing. Don’t try and break barriers. Follow the trends.”

Harry Koisser

25, Peace frontman

Describe your ‘do: “The classic Harry Koisser centre parting, straight out of 2013.”
Discuss your duds: “A Choose Love t-shirt, a pair of jeans, my girlfriend’s furry coat and these horrid shoes that everyone hates. The only person in the world who likes them is Olly from Years & Years.”

Top fashion tip: “Keep one eye on the past, but one eye on the future.”

Julia Cumming

21, Sunflower Bean frontwoman

Describe your ‘do: “I forgot a hairbrush so I literally brushed it with a fork. I’m growing my hair out right now.”
Discuss your duds: “This is by Area, which is a really cool New York City designer. It’s a nice purple.”

Top fashion tip: “Wear things that make you feel strong and good.”

Michael Kiwanuka

29, singer-songwriter
Describe your ‘do: “It’s basically a semi high-top afro – not quite a high-top, not quite a round afro.”
Discuss your duds: “Blue suede jacket, t-shirt and converse. I’ve tried my best for the special event tonight.”

Top fashion tip: “Wear what you feel comfortable in.”


Simon Neil

37, Biffy Clyro frontman

Describe your ‘do: “I’ve got it tied back tonight. I’m sick of this long hair. I want it to look smart like the Slaves boys’ hair.”
Discuss your duds: “I got this coat in Japan and it’s probably the most I’ve ever spent, but long jackets are the look tonight.”

Top fashion tip: “My top fashion tip would be just don’t give a fuck.”