Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 – Meet The Presenter

Just as being the opening band on the Awards Tour tends to be a predictor of future stardom (Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs etc), presenters of the ceremony itself often go on to bigger things.

Last year’s presenters were James Corden and Mat Horne, who this year compered the BRIT Awards (although, really, they were a lot funnier at our bash…). In 2006 it was Russell Brand.

This year’s host, though, is already pretty well-known in the nation’s living-rooms thanks to his appearances on BBC 2’s ‘Mock The Week’. He’s called Mark Watson and he’s won lots of major awards for his stand-up, which you can read about here.

Weirdly, he tends to drop his heavy Welsh accent when not on ‘Mock The Week’. Although he does have Welsh roots, the ‘wide-eyed yokel’ act is just that: an act. In reality Watson is a Cambridge English graduate who was brought up in Bristol, not Wales. Not that that makes him any less funny.

Here’s a taste of his stand-up routine.