The Maccabees Prove Themselves The Megastars Of The Future

If Bring Me The Horizon set out to destroy the room – and specifically Coldplay’s table – and Rat Boy tumbled through ‘Move’ like a band who really never believed they’d be playing their song directly to Yoko Ono and Kylie, The Maccabees looked for all the world like the real future stadium fillers of the night.

Their ‘Marks To Prove It’ oozed confidence, invention and a sly assurance, archly prodding their hyperactive indie pop into hitherto unexplored realms of expansive cavern rock. Orlando Weeks’ has turned from breathless babbler into a polished pop pressure valve, blasting out the choruses like hot steam bursting from tangles of shuddering alt-rock pipes. On the night they were crowned Best British Band, The Maccabees made enough of a mark to prove themselves contenders for band of the decade.