VO5 NME Awards 2017: Meet the pop supremes and politically-aware artists up for Best British Female Artist

There's some massive names in the running

You’ve seen the shortlist for Best British Male Artist supported by the Pilot Pen Company. Now, get ready to choose your favourite in the running for Best British Female. It’s gonna be a tough one – how do you choose between global pop superstars and politically-aware artists? Good luck making your mind up.


This woman needs no introduction. She’s conquered the world with her honest and heartfelt songwriting, and won our hearts with her down-to-earth personality and impressive cursing. Adele is one of the most iconic solo artists of recent times of any gender or nationality, but will give her the votes to reward her with the middle finger gong?

Charli XCX

We’re eagerly awaiting the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Sucker’, but last year’s ‘Vroom Vroom’ EP and latest single have been tiding us over quite nicely. The former saw Charli delving into PC Music’s experimental world for an addictive and innovative record, while the latter is one of the best pop tracks of the last few months. Are they enough to win her the title of Best British Female Artist? 

Dua Lipa

The new kid on the block, Dua Lipa hasn’t even released her debut album yet, but she’s already cemented her place as one of British pop’s most exciting stars. If you can listen to ‘Blow Your Mind (Mwah)’ without dancing and singing along with embarrassing amounts of enthusiasm then you must be dead already. Don’t get even get us started on the brilliance of ‘Hotter Than Hell’, either.

Kate Tempest

The spoken word artist has been keeping herself busy since the release of debut album ‘Everybody Down’ in 2014. She’s published a novel in The Bricks That Built The Houses and put out her musical follow-up, ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’, last year. Both keep up her work at commenting on the social, moral and political issues we experience in the modern world. 

PJ Harvey

You could never accuse Polly Jean Harvey of not being dedicated to her art. For latest album ‘The Hope Six Demolition Project’, she spent time in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington D.C., writing about the issues she saw in the three communities. Live recreations of the record made for stirring performances, including under a very stormy sky at London’s Field Day festival last June. 


Whether ‘Aim’, MIA’s 2016 record, really is her last full-length project remains to be seen, but the unpredictable rapper definitely made it a stunner just in case. As fiery and fierce as the rest of her catalogue, ‘Aim’ features collaborations with the likes of Blaqstarr, Diplo and Skrillex while tackling big topics like borders, the refugee crisis and freedom. 

The VO5 NME Awards 2017 takes place on February 15 at London’s O2 Academy Brixton. Vote for who you want to win here and buy tickets for the ceremony here.