VO5 NME Awards 2017: The crème de la crème of terrible bands are up for Worst Band, but who deserves it most?

The public will choose the final winner of the award

Over the years, the varied likes of Oasis, The Hoosiers, One Direction and The 1975 have all picked up the NME award for Worst Band. Some wear it like a badge of honour – confirmation that they don’t fit in. Others (or their fans, eh 1D?) get very angry about it indeed. One thing is always a constant with the category – it’s always hotly contended. Who will win it this year? It’s all down to you, dear reader…

5 Seconds Of Summer

Last year’s Worst Band victors were apparently “chuffed” with the title. It was fully deserved, too – any band responsible for a song as beige as ‘She Looks So Perfect’ should be recognised for their dubious achievements of conning the world into willingly lapping up their output.

Clean Bandit


It’s been a good couple of years being free of the Cortana-loving, violin-toting band. Our bubble was burst when they returned late last year with ‘Rockabye’, a song that basically sounds like every other bland pop song around right now, with added strings. Sadly, that formula seems to have worked wonders with the general public, who kept it at Number One for seven weeks, including the Christmas Number One.

Honey G

The X Factor contestant caused uproar this year when she, a white woman in her 30s, turned up on the show in metallic foil jacket, big shades and cap, murdering Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’. Accusations of racism and cultural appropriation followed, but even if you didn’t agree with those, you had to concede that her act was pure rubbish.


Sometimes you wonder whether you should feel sorry for Chad Kroeger and his mates. After all, everyone is always bagging on them for being awful to a vicious level. Even the Canadian police force and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg got in on the act last year. But then you remember all the terrible, terrible music they’ve inflicted on the world, let alone how much money they’ve made from doing so, and you realise no – you should never feel sorry for them at all.

The Chainsmokers


As if EDM wasn’t already bro-y enough, The Chainsmokers arrived to make it a whole lot worse. Their crimes? Disrespecting Lady Gaga, dissing their own collaborator Halsey (and then claiming their Twitter was hacked) and making vapid music that all sounds exactly the same, while being two of the most odious bros going. If only they could be deleted as easily as their offensive tweets.

Twenty One Pilots

Ah, Twenty One Pilots. The gimmicky Ohio duo who fill their live shows with hijinx like zorb balls, backflips and crowdsurfing with their drum kit, presumably in an attempt to dazzle everyone into forgetting their music is lowest common denominator pop-punk. There have been countless bands like them in the past and there will be, unfortunately, countless bands like them in the future.

The VO5 NME Awards 2017 takes place on February 15 at London’s O2 Academy Brixton. Vote for who you want to win here and buy tickets for the ceremony here.