VO5 NME Awards Red Carpet Style Guide

In partnership with VO5

Last month, the best dressed people in the entire world came to the VO5 NME Awards 2018. Here they are, looking fabulous.

Loyle Carner

23, singer and rapper

Describe your ’do:
“Honestly? My hairstyle tonight is how I woke up.”

Discuss your duds: “I’m wearing YMC, plus a T- shirt my girlfriend got me.”

Top fashion tip: “Think about usability and durability. I always buy stuff that I know will
last, and stuff I know I can repair.”

Ashley James

30, Celebrity Big Brother star

Describe your ’do: “It’s rose gold. It’s a new colour for me and I love it.”

Discuss your duds: “This suit’s by an Italian brand called Hebe Studio. I’m a big fan of suits – they’re powerful but still sexy.”

Top fashion tip: “Wear what you like, not what you think you should. I think confidence is key when picking an outfit.”

Ella Eyre

23, singer and songwriter

Describe your do: My hair takes a lot of work, so my poor stylist! It’s really hard to maintain the frizziness so I always use a lot of products.

Discuss your duds: Today, I’m all about being comfortable. I just got off tour so I’m keeping it chill.

Top fashion tip: If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you won’t be able to feel sexy either.


James Bay

27, singer-songwriter

Describe your ’do:
“Shorter! I’d had long hair for more than 10 years so it felt great when I got it cut.”

Discuss your duds: “It’s all Yves Saint Laurent. I’m a big fan of a lot of what they’ve done recently.”

Top fashion tip: “Find what suits you, but don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit.”

Heather Baron-Gracie and Ciara Doran

Pale Waves NME awards 2018

Describe your do: Big and curly. As always.

Discuss your duds: Futuristic vampire. The outfits came from a video shoot. We didn’t actually wear them in the video but still got to keep them afterwards.

Top fashion tip: If you look a bit gothic, don’t be scared of it. We get some people saying, “Oh my God, you look like Frankenstein.” But we just don’t care what anyone thinks.

Roman Kemp

Roman Kemp, NME Awards 2018

25, TV and radio presenter

Describe your do: Like a croissant – someone shouted that at me in the street once!

Discuss your duds: Relaxed and classic, it’s so nice being able to wear trainers tonight. I’m not really a suit kinda guy.

Top fashion tip: Express yourself. Not enough people do that these days. Hair and clothes are a great way to show off your own personality.

Tom Ogden

24, Blossoms frontman

Describe your do: Well, it’s shorter than it was!

Discuss your duds: This red jacket is vintage Gucci, the jeans are vintage Levi’s and the T-shirt is celebrating Strawberry Studios in Stockport, where we’re from.

Top fashion tip: Steal from your heroes.


Big Narstie

Big Narstie, NME Awards 2018, Red Carpet

32, singer, rapper and MC

Describe your do: Original bad boy trim.

Discuss your duds: BDL hoodie and T-shirt, Nike Air Force 1s, a couple carats on the finger and a couple carats on the neck.

Top fashion tip: This is old school, but be comfortable.

Brix Smith Start

55, The Fall guitarist

Describe your do: I think it looks like a honey badger that’s slept on the beach.

Discuss your duds: I’m wearing a faux fur coat and a Rick Owens dress, plus one-off Nicholas Kirkwood combat boots that he made for me to wear on tour. They’re worth thousands!

Top fashion tip: Honestly, as long as you feel comfortable, you can rock anything.

Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan, NME Awards 2018 Red Carpet

21, singer and songwriter

Describe your do: Elegantly bird’s nesty. It needs a wash to be honest with you.

Discuss your duds: My jacket’s by Blood Brother, my shirt’s by a new brand called Soulland, and my shoes are the standard Doc Marten tassel.

Top fashion tip: Just do you. Be creative and don’t be afraid of mixing it up. If you wanna wear a tutu, do it.

Ms Banks

Ms Banks at the VO5 NME Awards 2018

Ms Banks, 23, rapper and MC

Describe your do: Proper pink! I’m really feeling this colour at this moment.

Discuss your duds: This dress is by House of CB – like always for me. My stylist gave me a few options but my heart was set on this one.

Top fashion tip: If you want to look slim, wear black. It’s old advice but it really works.


Craig David

36, pop legend

Describe your do: Shiny. I get it cut twice a month to keep it sharp.

Discuss your duds: I have absolutely no idea! My stylist put together a nice little outfit for me, and I just ran with it.

Top fashion tip: Be comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing. I wouldn’t wear something just because my stylist says it’s by a cool designer; it’s got to feel right for me, too.