Bring Me The Horizon’s Table Invasion in Pics

Oli Sykes provided the NME Awards with Austin, Texas it’s biggest talking point last night when he unceremoniously trashed Coldplay’s table during Bring Me The Horizon’s performance. The band were in the building to celebrate picking up NME’s Innovation Award and were kind enough to perform a song from their gigantic album, ‘That’s The Spirit’. During their rousing version of ‘Happy Song’, Sykes moved from the stage and into the VIP tables area and subsequently obliterated the nearest table.

That table just happened to belong to our Godlike Geniuses – Coldplay – who they accused of ripping off their album artwork just months prior. We’re not trying to stoke any fires, but it did look a little bit deliberate. What do you think? Check out some of the pics and videos of the controversial moment and make your own minds up…

Up close and personal with Oli

Social media also provided us with some great DIY footage

BMTH then explained their table-smashing antics