10 Artists Who’ve Completely Lost Their Shit On Stage

Apparently offended at having his song-writing skills questioned, Calvin Harris called out a fan asking him to play an original song at a recent gig in Miami. Politely informing her that he was playing his own songs, he went on to question her motives in coming to a Calvin Harris show if she didn’t want to hear Calvin Harris tracks before charmingly branding her a ‘dumb fucking bitch’ and having her promptly thrown out of the club. Here are 9 more instances of artists losing their shit on stage.

Fiona Apple

The folk songstress threw a full on diva strop at a Louis Vuitton event earlier in the year. After failing to grab the audience’s attention with her soul-filled performance, she climbed on top of her piano and asked for silence. After that didn’t work, she took a schoolteacher approach, asking the crowd if they could manage to stay quiet for the length of a bell toll. After that didn’t work, she took a more direct move, told them to ‘shut the fuck up’ and stormed off, branding it ‘predictable fashion, what the fuck?’.

Axl Rose

Infamously volatile, Axl Rose took it a step further back in 1991 when he took down a fan who was videoing a gig in St Louis. Spotting the wrongdoer, the singer paused to ask security to remove the video recorder. After they fail to act, he takes matter into his own hands, diving head first onto the fan and taking out a small section of the crowd in the process. Having removed the offending object, he returns to the stage and announces the end of the gig, blaming the ‘lame ass security’ all the way.

Thom Yorke

Poor Thom Yorke, having to struggle through while fans shout over his moments of musical genius. A video on YouTube shows him finally lose it at a fan who shouts for him to ‘finish’ a particularly slow rendition of ‘Exit Music For A Film’ during a gig. Without even pausing the song he replies: “you’re a funny guy aren’t you? You won’t be funny later. I’ll show you what funny is”.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards barely hesitated after a fan rushed the stage at a 1981 gig in Virginia. Taking his guitar, he smashed it against the side of the guys head, causing him to collapse, plugged it back in and continued as if nothing had happened. Speaking of the incident afterwards, Ronnie Wood said: “I said, ‘Hey, Keith. He’s only a fan. No reason to fuckin’ hit him. And Keith went, ‘Oh yeah. What if he had a fuckin’ gun in his hand or a knife? I mean, he might be a fan, he might be a nutter, and he’s on my turf. I’m gonna chop the mother down.” You can’t argue with that logic.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love is no stranger to bad behavior, and she exhibited a shining example at a New York gig in 2004. She hit a fan around the head with her microphone stand and had to be carried out of the gig by security. After turning up to court in a stretch limousine and pleading guilty, she was made to pay the fan’s $2,236 medical bill.

Plan B

Facing an apathetic crowd at Slane Castle earlier this year, Plan B hurled a series of abuse at the audience in an attempt to liven them up, including shouting ‘come on you cunts!’ After failing to do so and growing bored with the lack of enthusiasm, he sulkily told them he wasn’t finishing the set because he wanted to go home. Stalking offstage, he branded the 80,000 strong audience the ‘tamest fucking crowd of my life’.



Josh Homme
The Queens Of The Stone Age frontman doesn’t take kindly to having bottles thrown at him. Performing at the Norwegian Wood festival in Oslo, Homme singled the suspect out, launching a tirade of abuse at him, including calling him a ‘chicken shit fucking faggot’. Adding insult to injury, he threw the bottle back at him before having him kicked out, muttering ‘miserable fucking cunt, go back to your mum’s house, you 12-year-old dickless turd’ as he went.

Sid Vicious

Facing a honky-tonk audience in 1970’s Texas, it was almost inevitable that something would kick off at a Sex Pistols gig. All it took was a beer can thrown on stage to hit Sid Vicious and it was done. The band lived up to their don’t-give-a-shit attitude, Sid cracking his bass over the fan’s head while Johnny Rotten chanted “all cowboys are fucking faggots” in the background.

Ken Casey

Living up to their name, Dropkick Murphy’s bassist Ken Casey took out a fan who he spotted doing a Nazi salute at a gig earlier this year. Running over to the guy, he hit him in the face before taking his bass and continuing to clobber him with both instrument and fists. After ensuring that he had been well and truly eradicated, he returned to the microphone and yelled, “Nazi’s are not fucking welcome at Dropkick Murphy’s shows!” Quite right too.