10 Best Music Apps In The World Right Now

You may remember a while back we ran a blog on the best music apps for your iPhone. Featuring beatmakers, pocket guitars, something from Brian Eno and even a miniature ocarina, it was a pretty good selection.

But times change and that lot’s all older hat than a Pete Doherty headpiece right now. So here’s our list of the greatest music apps in the world right now. Comment with your own favourites below.

Nanostudio has “4 virtual analogue synths, 16 sample trigger pads, a comprehensive sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer and 10 effects units all integrated into a single application”. If that gets you hot under the collar get it now, have a play, then let NME’s New Music Editor Jaimie Hodgson hear your efforts.


This Day In Music
Find out who died, who was born, who released a record, who hit Number One, and a ton of other trivia on any day across music’s rich history. It’s more entertaining than it sounds and provides great pub quiz fodder.
Plus, it contains a quiz of its own – and can show you who was Number One in the UK, US or Australia on the day that you were born.

The NME App
Right? Right. Our new app keeps you up-to-date with the latest news, stunning daily photo galleries and video interviews with the bands that matter. You can also tag artists so that you get instant alerts for your favourite acts’ updates. Offline browsing works a treat too. Check it out here.

NME iPhone app

Nice bit of kit this. It keeps an eye on what you’re listening to on your iPhone then lets you know when those bands or DJs are coming to town. The name’s a bit misleading though, it won’t conjure a friend to watch the gigs with you. But if you play with it enough at the venue you might look busy and less of a loner.


Forget the poncey name, it’s a pocket accordion. Great if you want to play along to Mumfords or the new Oliver Twist-esque Carl Barât album.

Making the most of the iPhone’s wheel function for dates and our insatiable appetites for endless facts, this lets you spin to any date and find out the chart for that time. Who was Number One when you were born? Wonder no more…


There’s enough techy muso apps out there but this one is pretty nifty. Plug in your bass or guitar and it’ll act like an amp head / effects pedal combo, helping even the worst guitarists in the world to sound a bit better. Hey, if The X Factor’s allowed to use auto-tune it’s fair game, right?

What’s that, an app with a pretty unanimously great rating? That doesn’t look rigged? Must be good. And this tuner is. There’s many, many bands out there that could benefit from a decent tuner and even at £2.39 this is a bargain basement piece of kit.

Not strictly a music app but set it up right and you’ll get a constant influx of music news. This piece of software allows you to arrange your news and RSS feeds, so you could pick our feed (of course), the Guardian’s, DrownedinSound’s and so on, making sure you never miss a story.

At £5.99 easily the priciest new music app on the list, but then it does pack a whole four track studio in your pocket, and seems to work – some people have created whole songs on it already.


What are your favourite music apps?