10 Best Music TV Moments Of The Decade

From guesting in cop shows to shocking Jools, these are the decade’s coolest on-screen events.

1. At The Drive-In On Later…
Yeeah, a band playing music on a music show isn’t surprising, but the ferocity of ATD-I’s 2000 performance was an inspiration for the rest of the decade.

2. Jon Bon Jovi On The West Wing
Woah, we’re halfway there. Woah, making a cameo in series seven and nailing that ‘liberal media-savvy 20-something’ demographic on a prayer.
Jon Bon Jovi

3. Steve Earle and Clarence Clemons On The Wire
Earle’s an ex-addict – on the show and in reality – and Clemons played sax on the likes of ‘Jungleland’. Put ’em in the greatest TV series ever and the result is awesome.

4. The Magic Numbers Storm Off TOTP
Richard Bacon made a cheap jibe about the foursome’s weight, they buggered off quicksmart, becoming the only band ever to walk off the show.
The Magic Numbers

5. Mark E Smith Reads The Football Scores
The cantankerous Fall man was a guest on the Beeb’s Score, and his reading of Saturday’s final scores weirdly sounded like a Fall song.

6. The Sopranos Goes Classic Rock
Using ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey was one thing, but getting Chris Moltisanti to explain why he wasn’t on time for a meeting by saying, “Sorry I’m late, but the highway was jammed with broken heroes on a last-chance power-drive” to Steven Van Zandt, an E Street Band member? Class.


7. Preston Storms Off Buzzcocks
Don’t want the piss taken out of you? Well, don’t go on a show that rips the piss out of humourless, talentless idiots, you humourless, talentless idiot.

8. Roger Daltrey Sweeps Up On The Boosh
Earlier in the episode there’d been a throwaway comment about The Who frontman doing some menial tasks. And, as the credits roll, there he is, in a moment of true ‘…is that really him?!’
Roger Daltrey

9. Foals/Crystal Castles On Skins
Two of our favourite new bands both made appearances, causing outbreaks of crazy dancing. Art imitating life.
Crystal Castles

[Watch Crystal Castles perform ‘Alice Practice’ here]

10. Happy Mondays Go Ghosthunting
Seriously. The televisual event of the decade: a bunch of middle-aged Mancunian caners looking for spirits and ghouls for two hours. As brilliant as that sounds.
Happy Mondays