10 Essential Things To See And Do At Latitude 2016 This Weekend

Latitude – an idyllic weekend of coloured sheep, lakeside hangs and art displays in the woods. It might be one of festival season’s more relaxed weekends, but you won’t be left wanting for fun things to do. From new bands to established heroes and unique experiences, here’s the 10 best things you don’t want to miss if you’re heading to Henham Park this weekend.

The Maccabees
The south London gang will headline the Friday night of the festival and it’s bound to be a big, emotional party. It’ll be their first major festival headline set and, after four albums and 14 years together, they’ve more than earned it. Gigs around their latest album ‘Marks To Prove It’ have seen them in their finest form ever – expect them to ramp things up a few more gears for such a big occasion, too.

Marcus Brigstocke hosts Prince Fest
If you’re still cut up about the Purple One’s passing (who isn’t?) get yourself over to the comedy tent on Friday night. Comedian Marcus Brigstocke is hosting a celebration of Prince‘s music via a massive lip-sync battle. Fans and unidentified famous people will compete against each other while pretending to sing along to ‘Purple Rain’. The winner will choose which charity will receive the profits from the show so you can head of and get mashed afterwards with a clear conscious.


Let’s Eat Grandma
These two BFFs have gone from college students to music’s hottest new property in what seems like mere minutes. Their weird and wonderful debut album ‘I, Gemini’ is a wonderland of the bizarre, from raps about treading in bubblegum to dark reimaginings of fairytales. The girls’ live show is just as unpredictable as the record, and they’ve got a penchant for messing their audiences in whatever way they can. Prepare to fall in love.

Adam Green’s Aladdin
Think you know the plot to Aladdin? Adam Green (former Moldy Peaches member, anti-folk solo star and one of Carl Barat‘s best mates) is here to mess with your mind. He’s made his own version of the Disney classic, updated for the technological age – and it’s showing in the Film & Music tent. Expect bitcoins, a lot of sex and cameos from some of mid-noughties indie’s finest, like MGMT‘s Andrew VanWyngarden, Devendra Banhart and Har Mar Superstar. Oh, and there’s a starring role for Macaulay Culkin too.

Rat Boy
If there’s one person guaranteed to upset the calm equilibrium of Latitude, it’s Rat Boy, aka Essex indie-rapper Jordan Cardy. After an early gig in Camden, he tweeted “I’m the new Pete Doherty” because of all the sweaty carnage that erupted. The venues he’s been playing in might be getting bigger and bigger, but that messy DGAF spirit still reigns in his world.

London Contemporary Orchestra presents works by Jonny Greenwood, Mica Levi, Michael Gordon and Steve Reich
Hit it a bit hard on Friday night? Take yourself over to the Film & Music tent, lie back on the grass (presuming the British weather isn’t doing its usual trick of bringing misery down on everyone) and let the LCO wash away the throbbing in your head and churning in your stomach. They’ll be playing compositions by Radiohead‘s Jonny Greenwood, Micachu & The Shapes’ Mica Levi and more. Highbrow.

New Order
Sunday night’s headliners are one of Britain’s best ever bands – fact. Their latest album ‘Music Complete’ was a magnificent return to form, while their back catalogue is bursting with gold like ‘Temptation’, ‘Ceremony’, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, and, of course, ‘Blue Monday’. They’ve taken to finishing their sets with a cover of Joy Division‘s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, which is just about as perfect a closer as you can get.

Bill Bailey
He’s one of the country’s most beloved comedians who’s more than proved his funny chops over the decades on shows like Black Books and Nevermind The Buzzcocks. He’s headlining the comedy tent – quite rightly – on Sunday, so do yourself a favour and wrap up your festival with a whole ton of belly laughs.

If you’re off to see Grimes at Latitude then keep an eye out for her purple-haired backing singer and guitarist. That’s Hana and she’s not someone who just stays in the shadows. She released her own self-titled EP earlier this year, which was full of irresistible electronic pop that marked her out as a future star. See her potential for yourself when she plays a her own solo set on Friday.

Christine & The Queens
As well as wowing all who witnessed her Other Stage set at Glastonbury, Héloïse Letissier, aka Christine & the Queens, has been everywhere. From the Graham Norton Show to Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio 1 breakfast show, she’s in high demand. Why? A) Her music raises and answers questions of gender and identity politics while still making you want to dance hard. B) Her own dance moves are so endearing and fun, you’ll be trying to copy them for the rest of the weekend.