10 Essential Tumblrs For Music Fans

There’s some 39 million blogs on Tumblr right now, and let’s face it, the majority of them seem to consist of photographs of fit people kissing. However, if you sift through the barrage of cupcakes and soft-porn, sometimes a combination of the two, you will find some gems. Here’s ten of our favourites.

Of course, NME magazine has a busy Tumblr to follow, and the site’s music homepage has everything from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and the Fader to the Hype Machine, plus some more bizarre options (Music To Have Sex To, Rappers Doing Normal Shit etc).

Beyond that, though, here’s some of our faves.

My Band T Shirt

Like to wear your favourite bands on your chest? This one’s for you. This blog is, as the title might suggest, simply a collection of t-shirt photos and the stories behind them, sent in by the readers. Follow

Animated Albums

Getting bored of 2D album covers? Wishing they were a bit more entertaining? Probably not, but this blog animates album covers anyway. Follow

Copy Cats

If the Radio 1 Live Lounge just isn’t enough, Copy Cats is a blog which focusses solely on cover songs, and not the tacky variety either. Recent highlights include THe Weeknd’s take on ‘Dirty Diana’ and Bright Eyes doing The White Stripes. Follow


Jamal Edwards has been thrown into the media spotlight following the creation of his YouTube channel SBTV, which has now grown into an established company with a documentary slot on Channel 4. You need to follow their tumblr to even stand a chance of keeping up with this lot. Follow

Mo Gravy

Ever had a sleepless night thinking WHERE HAVE I HEARD THIS SONG BEFORE? This Tumblr lists original tracks, and every artist who has sampled them. Follow

Odd Future

Does what it says on the tin.


Richard XL
This is a must-follow blog, given that it is written by Richard Russell, the man behind the hugely successful indie label XL Recordings. Expect a variety of rap mix-tapes, pictures and words. If anyone knows what’s going down in the music industry, it’s this guy. Follow

Azealia Banks

Everyone is getting a little bit excited about this years ‘it’ girl AH-ZEE-LEE-YAH, and her blog is every bit as flamboyant as her.

Band Camp Hunter

Sifting through Bandcamp to find great new tracks can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is where ‘bandcamphunter’ comes in with its personal selection of all the best tracks. Follow

And of course, let’s not forget Kim Jong-Il looking at things, Kim Jong-Il dropping the bass, Kate Bush skateboarding and Ross Kemp’s face folded.


Started by NME’s Laura Snapes among others, the aim of this Tumblr is simple: “confess the torrid passions which flipped your wig about music”. Follow

What are your favourite Tumblrs? Let us know and we’ll add in the best.