10 Explanations For The ‘New’ Strokes Album Artwork

At around midnight last night Julian Casablancas tweeted a photograph of a basketball player, in what can only be described as a toy train cart, in front of a reclining clown, underneath a rainbow, with a puzzled looking elk in the background. The words read: ‘Exclusive – check out the new Strokes album cover’.

Okay, so chances are that Julian was just dicking around/high/decorating his kid’s bedroom. Still, not being a man previously known for such demonstrations of tomfoolery, there’s always the possibly that he might not be, and in actual fact, the sleeve to his band’s forthcoming fourth album might actually be something Forrest Gump drew. With a crayon. Between his toes.


All of which raises important questions. Such as: is that actually an elk? If not, what horned mammal is it? God, clowns are fucking horrible aren’t they? What does this all mean? Here’s ten suggestions I shared on my Twitter account earlier today. Please do leave your suggestions below…

1. It’s Julian Casablancas ‘safe place’, Carebear just out of shot

2. United Colours Of Benetton ‘design a poster’ competition, round one

3. 4am at Dennis Rodman’s house circa 1999

4. John Wayne Gacy’s entry for the 2011 Turner Prize


5. “Hey, we just tried peyote, love, The Strokes x”

6. Aborted design for the decoration of the NBA crèche

7. Ronald McDonald’s vision of racial harmony

8. Ronald McDonald’s vision of elk harmony

9. “My name’s Michael Jordan. I drew this. NUUUUURSE, I’m ready for my bed bath”

10. What the walls of Byker Grove would look like if populated by unicorns and not Newcastle youth.