10 Most Striking Album Sleeves Of 2012 – An Art Critic’s View

    We handed over our 10 favourite covers of 2012 to Rupert Maas, art critic for Antiques Roadshow, so he could cast his expert eye over them…

  1.    Die Antwoord – ‘Ten$ion’
  2. These people are clearly barking. I am a bit fed up with vampires (there was another in my cornflakes this morning) but I’m a sucker for a fallen angel. She can eat my heart any day.

    Designed by: Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er


       Azealia Banks – ‘Fantasea’
    This artwork is cleverer than it looks at first: Little Mermaid meets all-seeing African eye and black sun. She keeps her gum on her nipples. Cool and catchy, like the songs.

    Designed by: Christina Lu

       Death Grips – ‘No Love Deep Web’
    When not excited, the proud owner of this cock is named N…EB. The rest of the slogan opens out upon arousal. The background suggests an office environment. I wouldn’t want to be the next to use the printer.


    Cock: Zach Hill (the drummer)

       Grimes – ‘Visions’
    With the modesty of Mozart, Grimes told a journalist her music was “a gift from God”. She needs to get out of her bedroom. This artwork is the inconsequential doodle of a teenage goth.

    Designed by: Claire Boucher (Grimes)

       Bat For Lashes – ‘The Haunted Man’
    A fine photograph: Natasha Khan with her Haunted Man. More like Hunted Man if you ask me. I hope she got some work out of him before she ate him.

    Shot by: Ryan McGinley

       Sleigh Bells – ‘Reign Of Terror’
    There’s a story here. One of them accidentally hit the other in the head with a guitar during a gig – and the shoes are an image of purity tainted with violence. It works for me.

    Designed by: Derek Miller and Steven Attardo

       David Byrne & St Vincent – ‘Love This Giant’
    Buzz Lightyear and Cruella De Vil. A very weird image, presumably done with prosthetics, in the wake of surrealist filmmaker Buñuel. Like.

    Shot by: Richard Burbridge Prosthetics by: Gabe Bartalos

       The Maccabees – ‘Given To The Wild’
    It might be a termites’ nest threatened by a scrub fire in a savannah, or a gourd-shaped dry stone sculpture by Richard Long. Who knows, but no artist can ever go wrong with blue and orange like this.

    Shot by: Andy Goldsworthy

       Goat – ‘World Music’
    Beautifully made from a Sami shamanistic design, and finished with neat origami symmetry that’s at odds with the raw dissonance of their music. Clearly a slick marketing department is at work.

    Designed by: Chris Reeder

       Spiritualized – ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Light’
    Say what? WHY?

    Designed by: Mark Farrow

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