10 Of The Greatest Cult Movie Reunions That Have Warmed Our Cockles

There’s been a flurry of cult movie reunions in the last couple of years, whether organised by magazines and TV shows or shared through social media. The cast of Back To The Future (1985) drove onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live in a DeLorean to celebrate ‘Back To The Future Day” last year – 21 October 2015 being the day that Michael J. Fox’s character fast-forwards to in the movie’s 1989 sequel. Here, though, are 10 other cult fim reunions that have warmed our cockles and simultaneously made us feel older than a joke on Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Napoleon Dynamite

Gosh! Is this comic indie sleeper hit, about geek who’s also a red-hot dancer, really old enough to warrant a reunion? Apparently so, as in 2014 the cast got back together for a Q&A for the film’s 10th anniversary, during which a glorious statue of the moon boot-wearing main character, Napoleon (Jon Heder), was unveiled. Sweet!

Thelma & Louise

Lead actors Geena Davis (Thelma) and Susan Sarandon (Louise) reunited for a Hollywood Reporter feature last year, with the duo tweeting that went viral. Sarandon captioned the snap, “The inventors of the #selfie at it again”, referring to the scene in which their characters take a selfie in the 1991 film, indicating that vanity actually does pre-date social media.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sarandon’s at it again. The cast of this camp 1975 musical horror comedy, including Tim Curry (who played sweet transvestite Frank-N-Furter) and Sarandon (who played the newly engaged Janet, damnit) appeared on The Today Show, and barely flinched when the reporter made a toe-curling gag that likened seeing them all together to entering a “timewarp”.

Bring It On

Brought together by Entertainment Weekly earlier this month, the cast of this 2000 cheerleading comedy took a trip down Memory Lane, with Kirsten Dunst (who played gymnast-turned-cheerleader Missy) admitting that, when watching the film back, she couldn’t believe what an “unabashed dork” was while making the film. We’ve all been there when looking back at old pictures, right?

Shallow Hal

This 2001 Farrelly brothers rom-com brought together Gynweth Paltrow and Jack Black, who bumped into each other at an art exhibition in Los Angeles this May. Black didn’t look much different, but Paltrow was barely recognizable from her character in the film, though that might have been something to do with the huge fatsuit to wore to play the part.

Ran into #jackblack at #robreynolds beautiful show, vanishing point. @laxart #oldfriends 💕

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