10 Of The Most Amusing Reactions To U2’s Free Album

Remember when the last U2 album, ‘No Line On The Horizon’, dropped in 2009, only to be met with largely critical reviews and disappointing sales for the Irish band? “They can’t give this stuff away!” their detractors smirked. How wrong they were! Last night saw the Dubliners spring a new record on unexpecting iPhone owners, as 13th studio album ‘Songs Of Innocence’ was given away for free to over half a billion Apple users, who didn’t get a lot of say in the matter – in some cases the album was automatically downloaded onto consumers’ devices during the electronic giant’s unveiling of the iPhone 6 and iWatch in California. Naturally, some people were upset, claiming the move was an invasion of privacy. Here’s some of the funniest tweets from last night and into this morning on the matter…


Imagine if ‘Detox’ had dropped instead of a new U2 album! Alas no, Tim Cook forgot about Dre…



DJ Jacques Greene wants payback.

Them were the days…


Goddammit, Bono.

And the award for ‘dad joke’ of the night goes to…

At least the device seems to work…

…but Thom Yorke won’t be buying either.


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