10 Reasons To Be Excited About This Year’s Apple Music Festival

In association with Apple Music Festival

It’s the 10th anniversary of the Apple Music Festival this year and, as ever, there’s plenty to be excited about. The Roundhouse in London will play host to some of the world’s biggest stars and some of Britain’s most beloved bands. If you can’t make it to the shows, you can watch live on Apple Music so no one has to miss out. Here’s 10 things to look forward to at this year’s event.

The 1975’s magnificent show
You’ll be hard pushed to find a more visually pleasing live show than The 1975’s right now. Taking inspiration from Rothko, James Turrell and minimalist art, it dabbles with silhouettes, bright pastels and bold imagery, which just adds another layer to their already excellent presence.


Britney making her UK return
Britney Spears hasn’t played in the UK since 2011 so this is a rare treat – even more so to see her in such a small venue as The Roundhouse. All her recent performances have been lauded as quite good, so this sounds like one not to be missed.

Bastille bringing ‘Wild World’ to life
The band just released their second album and they’ve yet to really play the bulk of it live. Now it’s out in the world, they’ll be adding a lot more of its hip-hop-inspired pop to their setlists and that can only be a good thing.

Chance The Rapper making a rare appearance
Chance The Rapper has only made a handful of appearances in this country since emerging in 2013 so his Apple Music Festival show is a rare opportunity. It comes days after his own festival Magnificent Coloring Day, too, so he should still be pumped from that.

Calvin Harris turning the Roundhouse into a rave
Of all the artists set for this year’s Apple Music Festival, Calvin is the one who’s most likely to lift the roof off with his banging beats. Get your glowsticks ready and prepare to rave.


Robbie doing all the hits
Yeah, Robbie Williams may not be the coolest musician in the world, but if you say you wouldn’t throw your arms in the air and sing every word when he plays ‘Angels’ you’re a liar. What’s more, he’s got tonnes more hits – ‘Rock DJ’? ‘Let Me Entertain You’? ‘She’s The One’? It’s basically gonna be be the best karaoke night ever.

Elton John being a legend
He recently released his 32nd – THIRTY SECOND – album, so it’s fair to say the man’s get a hell of a lot of tunes to work his way through. Just which ones will he play though? It’s anyone’s guess and that’ll be half the fun – surprises at every turn.

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder proving why he’s worked with literally everyone
Adele, U2, The Killers, Beyoncé, Sam Smith – you name them, Ryan Tedder has worked with them. Why is he so in demand? Because he’s got great pop chops and he’s gonna prove that on stage with his own band OneRepublic at Apple Music Festival.

Alicia Keys bringing the power
There are few voices in modern music who are as powerful as Alicia Keys. Her strong vocals will turn the Roundhouse into one big spine-tingle and just you wait until she drops ‘Falling’. Chills for days.

Surprise support acts
A lot of the support acts haven’t been revealed as yet, but looking at past Apple gigs shows you they’re bound to be quality. Who will open for your favourite artist? Get ready for a surprise.