10 Things We Learned From The Strokes’ First Interview In A Decade

To accompany their new track and EP announcement, The Strokes have shared a video featuring what is billed as their first interview in a decade. It’s a loose, low-key affair bigger on bantery back-and-forth than insight, but here are 10 nuggets of information we managed to glean from watching it.

1. Four members of the band still live in New York City, but one is now LA-based.

2. They can’t make up their mind whether bands who perform at the Super Bowl halftime show are playing live or not.

3. Nikolai reckons he could beat President Obama at basketball.

4. Fab is a big fan of the internet. “I have a lot of faith in it because I believe it’s a uniform mind that allows people to be more empathetic with one another and love more as the virus that we are,” he says.

5. The band aren’t really bothered about the comments on their videos on YouTube. “It just seems so silly,” Nick says. “It doesn’t seem like an accurate representation of anything.”

6. The three albums Fab would take to a desert island are David Bowie’s Berlin trilogy: ‘Low’, ‘Heroes’ and his personal favourite ‘Lodger’. Nina Simone’s album ‘Wild Is The Wind’ would be a strong contender too.

7. Albert says he wouldn’t take any albums at all to a desert island, because he’d prefer silence.

8. Fab’s girlfriend caught the Zika virus during their recent trip to Brazil. The trip was “amazing”, he says, but the virus was “horrible”.

9. Julian says he’s “very surprised, impressed and blown away by Fab’s new life as a remixing producer“, calling it “genius, man”.

10. Fab says he loves being in this band because “I feel like I’m constantly surprised and I’m excited to see what comes up next. One thing I’ve learned from working with other people every once in a while is that I don’t have the level of trust I have with [this band] with anyone else”.

Watch the full interview below.