Chief FM: 10 Times Noel Gallagher Was Brilliant On The Radio

It’s official, Noel Gallagher is to join Russell Brand on his upcoming new radio show for Radio X. Noel is as renowned for his hilarious interviews as his music, so it’s no wonder someone had the bright idea of teaming him up with cockney Johnny Depp. In fact, it won’t be the first time he’s lit up the airwaves. Here are our 10 favourite Radio Noel moments…

All Back To Mine With Sean Rowley

DJ Sean Rowley (incidentally the bloke from the (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? album cover) visits Noel at his infamous London home Supernova Heights on Christmas Day in 1997. Noel is, to say the least, in high spirits, while fans ring his doorbell incessantly.


Noel Raises A Glass To The Beeb

2007, and BBC Radio One is turning 40, so they invite living “legends” to host one-off shows. Of course Noel refers to himself as a “legend” and shows off about how expensive his lawyers are – and also plays some pretty great and eclectic stuff, including Ennio Morricone and Afrodite’s Child.

Feeling ‘Refreshed’ On The Chris Moyles Show

“You’re in a good mood today…” Moyles remarks. “I’m still drunk!” replies Noel. Slurry and enjoyably apathetic about promoting Oasis’ then-current album Dig Out Your Soul and its world tour (“Or is it a promo trip?”), the frontman reveals his aversion to nachos at gigs and tries to talk over the news: “The news is I am in Radio One!”


Feeling ‘Refreshed’ On Steve Lamacq’s Radio One Show

Another time Noel sounded suspiciously loose-lipped and carefree on air: he and Liam give their first interview together in three years and pretend to be The Beatles. Liam also offers to fight Keith Richards and any other geriatric rocker on Primrose Hill in North London. Or, as he puts it: “Leave the zimmerframes at home and I will hold them up with a good right hook.” Right you are.

Risky Business With Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand

Post-Sachsgate, Brand calls up Ross and asks if he wants to chat with Noel. “… You’re not back on the radio are you?” Ross asks cautiously. Noel sagely notes that he is dealing with “two people who have not learnt their lesson” and, somehow, comes across as the most sensible and well-behaved person in the room.

Egging On Russell Brand

It’s 2008 and Russell Brand is arguably at the height of his pomp and fame. Blabber-mouth Brand boasts about his prowess with the opposite sex and Noel allows him enough rope to hang himself with, so the comedian ends up looking like Jay from The Inbetweeners. Also notable: the Oasis songwriter reveals that, at this stage at least, he had been to the theatre once.

When That Britpop Rivalry Unravelled in San Francisco

Oasis are making an appearance on American radio and then the host ushers in their arch rivals, Blur. He describes them as “probably the two biggest bands in England right now, in one studio” and Liam chips in, “In one ring, man!” Despite this build up, relations between the two bands are surprisingly amicable.

Spilling His Guts About Liam On The Howard Stern Show

American shock-jock radio host is renowned for his aggressive, interrogative interview style (even though he doesn’t seem to know anything about Oasis, asking if Noel is older or younger than Liam, like they hadn’t been famous for years by 1997). Here he presses Noel on the band’s sibling rivalry and manages to elicit a fair few insults, despite the fact the band was functioning relatively well around the release of Be Here Now. Also: a lovely live rendition of ‘Wonderwall’.

Being Asked About His Dad Bod On Talksport

Noel knows a thing or two about football, so he’s always good value when he’s invited on air to chat about the sport. He sounds slightly less sure-footed on the subject of his beachwear policy, getting a bit flummoxed when asked – bizarrely – if he wears a shirt on the beach. In the end, he concludes: “I wouldn’t put the female population of any Mediterranean island through what’s underneath there.”

Talking About His Family And U2 On Absolute Radio

Recorded in 2014, this one sees Noel talking Christian O’Connell about how his young children are big fans of U2. One loves to sing ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ – a song about terrorism – while the other is “a very good of Bono”. Well, you can never enough multimillionaire rock stars in your life, eh?