10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week – Arctic Monkeys, Yuck, Sunns

The ten best tracks rattling around our heads this week

1. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Reckless Serenade’
If ‘Brick By Brick’ and ‘Don’t Sit Down ’Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ suggested that Alex Turner had invested in a set of 10-foot-high Marshall amps with a view to out-crunching the Download and Sonisphere line-ups combined, ‘Reckless Serenade’ is making us think again about their summer 2011 plan. In a good way, mind. The fact is that ‘Suck It And See’ boasts just as many whimsical beach-wash moments of tender clarity as it does whacked out Helders crunchers – and this one, which leaked last week just before they played it opposite a largely bemused Brian Wilson on …Jools Holland, is a pretty good measure of both aspects at the same time.


Delight at the needling riffs that recall the most luminous licks of ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’; grin as Alex introduces the song with an observation of “topless models”, presumably momentarily forgetting Jamie Cook’s love life; cheer as it becomes increasingly clear that the dull obtuseness of ‘Humbug’ (minus ‘Cornerstone’, natch) is tossed into the bin alongside the band’s recently shorn caveman locks, and they prepare to release the album with the potential to blast them back on top of the UK rock summit.
Jamie Fullerton, News Editor


2. Tasseomancy – ‘Soft Feet’
If you’ve caught Austra live, you’ll have noticed two twins flanking Katie Stelmanis – alone, Sari and Romy Lightman are Tasseomancy. The Canadian sisters dwell in English folk’s wood-knotted creep, ‘Soft Feet’ punctured by the squall of brandished swords, crashing beneath imperial thrum and drone.
Laura Snapes, Assistant Reviews Editor

3. Tellison – ‘Say Silence’ (Heaven & Earth)
With a singalong chorus that grabs through your chest to your heart and gives it a little squeeze, London’s Tellison and their dramatic guitar crescendos are doing what they do best.
Abby Tayleure, Festivals Editor, NME.COM

4. Echo Lake – ‘Sunday Evening’
Sunday evenings: on one hand the ultimate school night with routine beckoning in the morning, on the other, the weekend’s last hurrah. Echo Lake capture both moods serenely, mixing radiating guitars and yearning vocals in this all-enveloping slice of beauty.
Paul Stokes, Associate Editor

5. Lovelle Ft Lady Chann – ‘Uh-Oh’
The debut single from 20-year-old Londoner Lovelle launches itself at
you, all gut-pummelling bass dollops
and clattering beats. Anchoring the whole thing is Lovelle’s versatile voice – one minute cooing softly, the next reading the riot act. Unbelievably, she’s currently unsigned.
Michael Cragg, writer


6. Smashing Pumpkins – Owata
Billy Corgan is sounding pretty chirpy these days. He may still look like the goth overlord, but he spends most of new track ‘Owata’ crooning over a soundtrack that seems like it’s been plundered from Brian Wilson’s sunsoaked back catalogue. It’s weirdly good too.
Tom Goodwyn, News Reporter

7. Big Talk/Ronnie Vannucci – ‘Getaways’
First solo taster from The Killer You’d Most Like To Go For A Pint With, and a nifty slice of full-bodied power-pop it is, too, with neat flicks of guitar, a mention of “cuban heels” and singing that sounds not unlike… the ‘flamboyant’ dude from the day job.
Liam Cash, writer

8. I Break Horses – ‘Hearts’
A linchpin of sugarcoated Swedish smack-rockers Blackstrap, Maria Linden’s new name is taken from a flinchingly raw Smog song. Her own sounds are fugged and drugged, a tincture of the dream-thrumming shoegaze that Sweden revels in and the fuzz-euphorics of Fuck Buttons.
Emily Mackay, Reviews Editor

9. Suuns – ‘Long Division’
This Fugazi cover carefully holds the brooding core of the original, but surrounds it with the punk funk fizz that has brought Suuns comparisons with bands such as the DC hardcore group.
Martin Robinson, Deputy Editor

10. Yuck – ‘Milkshake’
No, it’s not the Kelis song. But our favourite east London layabouts show
us their poppiest, cutesiest side yet – substituting the J Mascis vibes for something altogether more… well, Teenage Fanclub-friendly.
Matt Wilkinson, News Reporter

This article originally appeared in the May 21st issue of NME

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