10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week – Deerhunter, Cut Copy, Jack White

1. Deerhunter – Revival
Bradford Cox and the boys have been leading their fans on a merry treasure hunt in the lead-up to new album ‘Halcyon Digest’, enlisting devotees’ help to poster the world with the news of its release on September 28 via 4AD. In return for their flyposting hours, industrious street-teamers got their eyes on the album’s artwork and tracklisting before anyone else. Now Deerhunter have further rewarded the faithful (and those industrious enough to Google the necessary password for the mysterious album mini-site) with a new single, ‘Revival’.

It’s a woozy, swaying will-o’-the-wisp of a track with a sweet Breeders-ish menace, a ghostly banjo and eerie death rattles, ending in urgent riffage as Bradford puzzles “Darkness, always/It doesn’t make much sense”. But that’s not all that’s in the box! Delve into the foam peanuts and you’ll unearth B-side ‘Primitive 3-D’, a spaced-out booty-shaking little number that reels round a psychedelic dancefloor of the underworld before disappearing into a puff of sampled birdsong, a piano drowning in reverb and the strains of an actually rather creepy music box. Really, they’re quite spoiling you.
[Emily Mackay, Reviews Editor]

2. Marnie Stern – For Ash
Listen, slackers, with your meat-pawed guitar mangling; shredding goddess Marnie Stern is back. ‘For Ash’ was written following an ex’s suicide, and sees Marnie itching with turbo-powered grief over Zach Hill’s time-warping syncopations. Blistering stuff.
Laura Snapes, Assistant Reviews Editor


3. Women – Eyesore
The battle of the sexes rides on with all-male four-piece Women (yes, it’s confusing). Beach Boys pop collides magnificently with heartfelt psych-rock on the six-minute ‘Eyesore’. The war over the crown for experimental supremacy will undoubtedly rage on, but for once Women have come out on top.
Ash Dosanjh, Writer

4. Enforcer – Midnight Vice
Music that hits you around the head and takes you back to 1984 demands attention, so prick up your ears for this barrage of riffage. There’s a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal revival going on, and these Swedish speed metallers are leading the charge.
Mike Williams, Writer


5. Jack White – Mother Nature’s Son
Jack sang this White Album highlight at a Paul McCartney tribute at the White House; and, as the video shows, Jack’s even paler than usual, having to sing it to not only Macca himself but President Obama. Of course, he pulls it off; the two Big Fellas look chuffed to bits.
Martin Robinson, Deputy Editor


6. Edwyn Collins – Losing Sleep
The title track of the former Orange Juice man’s forthcoming album, with its Spector-ish jangles and soul-parp brass, couldn’t sound more classically Edwyn if it came supplied with a fawning queue of Alex Kapranos and Ryan Jarman clones. Reliably fantastic.
Jamie Fullerton, News Editor
[Listen Here]

7. Cults – Oh My God
Apparently there’s a new dating website launching purely for guys and gals wanting to start coupley-lo-fi-pop duos. Here’s why. Summer Camp’s Big Apple doppelgangers lay bare the components making his’n’hers indie a decidedly less vomit-inducing prospect: mysterious B-movie samples: check; sun-bleached strums: check; lazy, hazy melodies: check; xylophones: check. Sign me up.
Jaimie Hodgson, New Music Editor


8. Kid Cudi, Best Coast and Rostam Batmanglij – All Summer
Bands making tunes for corporations is supposed to suck, but after Converse successfully got Pharrell, Julian C and Santigold to get it on, they’re back for seconds. This time we get Kid Cudi, who supplies dark wisdom, Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino, who brings the sun-drenched vocals, and Vampire Weekend’s Rostam, whose production skilfully brings them together. Like a battered pair of trainers, it’s frayed around the edges but in a very good way indeed.
Paul Stokes, Associate Editor

9. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going
The Aussie electro gang have returned and gone all pop. Leaving behind the full-pelt approach featured on 2008’s majestically brilliant ‘In Ghost Colours’ album, here they nick Goldfrapp’s trick of combining a stomping T Rex glam beat with twinkly
synth prettiness. It’s both charming and unexpected, and, even better, it’s free to download.
Luke Lewis, Deputy Editor, NME.com


10. El Guincho – Bombay
“The perfect summer jam?” asked the XL Recordings tweet that announced this latest teaser from Pablo Díaz-Reixa’s forthcoming ‘Pop Negro’ album. Now, me personally, I ain’t into ‘summer jams’ (and I certainly ain’t into tweeting), but the steel drums, infectious melody and tap-tap rhythms of this I will happily take.
Hamish MacBain, Assistant Editor


This article appears in the July 31 issue of NME

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