10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week – Starring Dizzee Rascal, Oasis, Green Day

This week’s consignment of video clips and free downloads also includes a newie from The Streets, Eminem’s latest and an exclusive track from Nine Black Alps.

1. Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers
After he shoved our qualms about his chart-eating Calvin Harris collaboration ‘Dance Wiv Me’ firmly down our dropped jaws and into our gullets, Dizzee gleefully casts the last shreds of worthless underground credibility to the wind. Dance devil Armand Van Helden, also recently to be found collaborating with Bloc Party, steers this unbelievable, cosmos-scale rave-up to dangerously wired heights, with the kind of grating, galvanising synth noise that sets your teeth on euphoric edge and your heart a-palpitating. Indie clubs, townie clubs, dance clubs, every radio station bar Classic FM – this is going to be everywhere.

2. Magistrates – Heartbreak
They’ve been burrowed away in Damon Albarn’s studio with Gorillaz producer Jason Cox, and now soon-to-be Radar Tour stars (less than two weeks to go!) Magistrates follow up the sublime ‘Make This Work’ with another flush of moody electro-soul. “I want this all, but I can’t stand to see you break away” frets Paul Usher over what sounds like Hot Chip reimagining ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush via Spandau Ballet and Ennio Morricone. We ain’t going nowhere, don’t you worry.
Feature – the making of the video.
Download a free Magistrates track from the Radar blog

3. Nine Black Alps – Buy Nothing
Now that’s what we call timing. An angry, grungy anti-capitalist rant fit for rioting in the streets to, this surprise free download comeback finds the former new hopes of grunge, like, bringing down the system one riff at a time. Heavier than Foos at their most arsey, this rages like the wronged behemoth of the free masses straining to escape from the financial fetters clasped on him by The Man. Or something. Just please, don’t say ‘current climate’.
On the Daily Download blog now

4. Oasis – untitled new track
Even if you’re sick to the back teeth of Oasis’ cantankerous elder statesmen shtick, this new track, recorded by an intrepid Taiwanese fan during the soundcheck for their Taipei show, will remind you how they became big boys. Similar to ‘Talk Tonight’ in its mood of small-hours desolation, it finds Noel’s vocal at its most heartbreaking and vulnerable as he promises “My eyes will only follow you around the room/Because you’re the only god a man could ever need”. That feeling? That’s your soul being dug out.

5. The Streets – In The Middle
The sunny rays of ‘Heaven For The Weather’ are clouded over by a dark, drum’n’bassy storm on this new track, leaked online. Slow and sombre in pace, it’s driven along by Mike Skinner’s hard, anxious twisting raps, musings on life and death winding around a deep, dubby underworld. The most exciting thing we’ve heard from him in ages.

6. Plugs – All Them Witches
News that Morgan Quaintance is to quit DIOYY? seems less of a shock after you listen to this from his now day-job, Plugs, out May 18. Breakups never made us feel more like busting a move to synths in a Justice-meets-Metronomy kind of way.
Download a free remix of this track – recorded exclusively for The Daily Download by Morgan Quaintance

7. Green Day – Know Your Enemy
Ultra-futuristic robo-synths, a display of guitar wizardry to make Steve Vai weep and a death metal growl that could make a velociraptor explode in terror – not really, it’s Green Day! The first glimpse of ‘21st Century Breakdown’ is, in the best possible way, business as usual for the ever-perky trio, stuffed to the gills as it is with Billie Joe’s familiar Cali twang and chunky power chords struck in righteous anger as Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool supply their peerless rhythmic barrage. It’s time to break out the big shorts and wallet chains and start running around in circles…
Feature – the making of the video
Blog – ’21st Century Breakdown’, the first listen


8. Eminem – We Made You
When new album ‘Relapse’ first began to leak across the net, Eminem said it was like “someone catching you before you got the Spider-Man costume zipped all the way up!” Well, he’s no longer semi-nude, but he’s certainly rude and crude. Where ‘Crack A Bottle’ was downbeat, ‘We Made You’ is vintage Slim Shady in irreverent, mugging form. “Did you miss me?” he asks, kicking off a bouncy, parping whoopee cushion of a track, tickled with clown-trousered piano chords. Our Em appears in the guise of Dr Spock, Kid Rock, Elvis in Jailhouse Rock (with Dr Dre pulling the switch on his electric chair), while anyone unlucky enough to be in a planet-wide radius gets a face full of mock: Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil, Sarah Palin, Jessica Simpson… “You think that’s bad, you should hear the rest of my album”, he promises. We shall see….
Blog – has Eminem run out of ideas?

9. Beck – Green Light
Among many releases celebrating Record Store Day are two super-limited-edition seven-inches from the Matador label. One features new tracks by Jay Reatard and Sonic Youth (soon to release their 16th album), while the other features Sonic Youth and Beck covering each others’ tracks. The Youth tackle ‘Pay No Mind’ from ‘Mellow Gold’, while Mr Hansen offers up this folky, ghostly reading of a classic SY album track from ‘EVOL’, which circles obsessively like a lost soul around a three-note piano riff.
Listen on Hype Machine (but make sure you buy it from a record store too)

10. The Do – At Last
The second single from the Franco-Finnish duo, out April 27, is a rich, disaffected distant relative of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ by way of Howling Bells. Olivia’s sweet-poison croon celebrates an unexpected epiphany of love: “groping my way along the darkest of dungeons/Until I found out there were switches all around”.

A version of this article originally appeared in the 18 April issue of NME

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