The 10 most unrelatable lyrics on Post Malone’s new album

It's a whole new world

Post Malone has just released his second studio album, ‘beerbongs & bentleys‘, and it’s absolutely chock-a-block with braggadocio – about his money, his fame, and his treatment of other human beings. A lot of it is absolutely impossible to identify with – to prove it, we’ve chosen 10 of the least relatable moments on album two.

1. “I don’t even wanna go home / In a big house all alone” (‘Rich and Sad’)

Poor old Post – living, as he does, in a massive mansion.

2. “Now y’all see me / On the TV / Multimillionaire by the time I’m 23” (‘Zack and Codeine’)

Do you want a medal?

3. “Two hundred bands under the floor of kitchen / A little more up in the walls and the ceiling” (‘Paranoid’)


That’s some Breaking Bad shit right there.

4. “Act a fool on stage / Prolly leave my fuckin’ show in a cop car” (‘Rockstar’)

Ah yeah, the being-such-a-dick-in-front-of-a-crowd-that-you-get-arrested night. Classic!

5. “Felt like ballin’ was the only thing to do / Trade my women for some diamonds and a coupe” (‘Over Now’)

Exceedingly, exceedingly questionable behaviour.

6. “Hunnid thousand plus hunnid thousand – my whip / 30 thousand plus 30 thousand – my wrist” (‘Ball For Me’ ft. Nicki Minaj)

Well I have a £5 Casio.

7. “Got diamonds by the boatload” (‘Psycho’)

Cool story bro.

8. “I hit Rodeo, spent like 40 G’s / Four hunnid pairs of Gucci socks” (‘92 Explorer’)


Where will you keep them all, Post? In your massive mansion?

9. “Spent a hundred bands in one night / I know you wanna live this life” (‘Same Bitches’)

Nope, not really.

10. “Let her cut that coco on my platinum plaque” (‘Sugar Wraith’)

Today’s number is eight, as in: Post has eight platinum plaques on which to cut his cocaine.


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