10 Weird and Wonderful Things We Found In Pete Doherty’s Shop

We’ve known Pete Doherty as a Libertine, Babyshambler, poet, tabloid scandal-maker and film star, but bric-a-brac shop owner? The frontman’s latest guise is one few saw coming before Rag and Bone, nestled in Camden’s bustling Stables Market, opened its doors for the first time last week. Run with friend Suzi Martin, the pop-up is selling items collected by the star from European flea markets across the last decade while on the road. “It’s all he does between shows –wander around searching for flags and weird finds,” says Martin. But what are the weirdest gems up for purchase? We took a stroll down to the shop for a root around…


Message in a bottle
Get yourself a unique poem or thought-of-the-day from Pete, handwritten and rolled up in liquor bottles collected in Paris. Yours for just £100.

A pirate DVD of ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’
As in Shane Black’s 2005 dark detective comedy, starring Robert Downey Jr. – a man who, between his eccentric talent and past struggles with drug use, you can understand Doherty being drawn to. But not enough to shell out on a proper copy of the film, mind.

A giant taxidermy swan
What modern living room is complete without an enormous dead swan? Give your lounge that spooky ‘90s Alton Towers advert vibe with this collectable, yours at a snip for £850.


An ivory tusk photo holder
For when a regular Boots frame just won’t quite cut it.

Mannequin lamps
“Pete has hundreds of mannequins,” Martin told us. “They’re a real fascination of his.” Which is presumably why they’re littered throughout Rag and Bone, including mangled into makeshift lamps. Creepy but cool.

A brass statue of an antique gun
Yep – pretty weird. Like something used to decorate the office desk of an Opium Wars era sea colonel.

1940s tobacco tins
There’s an entire table of authentic wartime tobacco tins to search through, found in Paris flea markets, available to you for £40 a go.


A microscope
It turns out Doherty, at least at one point, had an interest in science. Who knew?

Books, posters, DVDs – Pete has it all when it comes to the 1950s comedian, even locking himself in the shop overnight last month to stencil his image onto the walls of the shop according to Martin.

Pete’s Libertine coat
“Some of the items are up to auction rather than for sale,” says Martin, pointing us in the direction of one of Doherty’s famous Libertine long-coats. “It’s currently at £2000.” The star also has guitars for bidding on, as well as the typewriter he wrote the lyrics to Babyshamble’s ‘The Blinding’ EP on.