People Have Been Absolutely Loving The Beatles On Spotify

For the past 100 days, Spotify users have enjoyed full and unbridled access to The Beatles‘ discography after the Fab Four’s boycott of the streaming service finally came to an end on Christmas Eve last year.

And it appears that those subscribed to Spotify have wasted no time in getting The Beatles’ prolific discography on their speakers and headphones, if the listening stats that have been released today go to prove anything. Trumping the likes of One Direction, Ariana Grande or Zayn (as they rightly should), Spotify users – who, in this case, are 61% represented by listeners under the age of 35 – have clocked up an impressive 2793 years’ worth of Beatles-listening in those first 100 days. And let’s face it – if there was one band who should soundtrack over two millennia, then it’d probably have to be The Beatles, wouldn’t it?

But don’t just take our word for it: feast your eyes on this handy infographic on those astonishing listening stats, which go some way towards reinforcing the timeless nature of The Beatles’ output.


And, as it’s Friday – the day of the week that the band are listened to on Spotify the most, interestingly – why not add to those impressive stats by whacking them on your speakers to welcome in the weekend?