11 AWOL albums that were due in 2017

Where did they go?

Every year there are reports that an artist will definitely release an album that year, only for the record not to materialise. Sadly that’s happened 11 times this year: here are the massive artists we can’t wait to hear from.

1. Vampire Weekend – ‘Mitsubishi Macchiato’

When in 2016 songwriter/producer Rostam Batmanglij announced he was leaving the band, the future of Vampire Weekend‘s fourth album seemed very unsturdy. Then both he and frontman Ezra Koenig confirmed that Rostam would continue to contribute to Vampire Weekend’s music, and all seemed well again, with signs pointing towards a 2017 release. But it’s now been nearly two years since that point – nearly five years since their third album ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ – and in the meantime all bandmates have been pursuing different projects. This year, Ezra Koenig created an animé show called Neo Yokio, Rostam put out a solo album, and the other two members released solo albums under the monikers Baio and Dams of the West. If a Vampire Weekend album is coming, it’s not going to be in 2017 – as Ezra’s recent tweet makes pretty clear.

2. Eminem – ‘Revival’


Eminem‘s comeback album – his ninth – has been brewing for ages. His last album, ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’, was released four years ago, and last October he announced he was working on ‘Revival’ by releasing the anti-Trump freestyle ‘Campaign Speech’. Since then it’s emerged that he’s worked with 2 Chainz, and in August 2017, Hits Daily Double said the album was dropping in the fourth quarter of the year. But since then there’s been no word on it, apart from a surprise Beyoncé collab released on Friday. Could it be coming later in 2017?

3. Charli XCX – TBA

Last year’s ‘After The Afterparty feat. Lil Yachty’ was released as the lead single for XCX’s third album, but had such a slow burn success that a second single was delayed. While we waited for the next one, in March 2017 XCX put out a mixtape, ‘Number One Angel’, telling NME: “It’s [being called] a mixtape so it can go out for free, but it’s essentially an album, a whole new album.” As for the ‘official’ third album? We still don’t know when it’s out, but there’s been another single from it: the wonderful ‘Boys’, which you can watch below.

4. Sky Ferreira – ‘Masochism’

In January 2016, two years after the release of her debut album ‘Night Time, My Time’, Sky Ferreira wrote: “I’ve been working on it the whole time & in 2016 you will hear it. I refuse to put out something that isn’t honest. It’s not something that I can force out.” It’s been nearly two years since that point, and in the meantime Ferreira has made a cameo appearance in Twin Peaks, and performed at festivals this summer. In July she also revealed what has been holding up the album and told her Instagram followers: “I am planning on making something and putting out something soon.”

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I have been very quiet about what's going on with my music for a few reasons. Mostly it's because I've been working on it. I have been working on several other projects. I'm very excited about it all. I was genuinely stuck at the mercy of other people before (for almost years at this point).No matter how hard I tried,it was beyond me.I couldn't say anything because of the possibility that it would make things worse. Being silent or "politically correct" wasn't much help either. It felt way worse tbh. It has been genuine tasking on my soul & so frustrating. I stuck to my guns & that makes the process a lot longer than you would expect it to. There are so many factors to it all that would be silly to get into. I didn't wait this long to put out something that meets the bare minimum for some.GOD BLESS a majority of those people are now out of my way & those problems are being fixed. For the first time in a very long time I have a support system to help me (music wise). It's only up from here. I'm starting to be in a good place creatively/overall & I'm very excited to put out new stuff & I can't promise that you'll like it ~~everyone is different~~BUT I can promise that anything I put out myself is & will be whole hearted & 100000000 dedication. I am planning on making something and putting out something soon. ??????? xoxoxoxoxxx ****Also I gotta point out something: I don't know why this happens every time I make a record after a decade (yoinks) of doing this because…I MAKE POP MUSIC?!?? It's not THAT complicated?

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5. Spiritualized – TBA


Spiritualized tweeted last year that they’d be playing a 20th anniversary show to celebrate their 1997 classic ‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’, adding that their new album would be released 20 years to the day from its release (16 June, 2017). But the new album never showed up…


6. Desiigner – ‘Life of Desiigner’

Like Spiritualized, Desiigner – he of ‘Panda’ fame – was meant to release his new album this summer, but it never appeared. He’s confirmed its title (‘Life of Desiigner’) and in the meantime, he’s released a ton of singles including ‘Life’ and ‘Up’. More recently he collaborated with Steve Aoki and K-pop stars BTS.

7. Sigur Rós – TBA

In 2016 Sigur Rós wrote: “We are pleased to announce that we are playing festivals next summer in the spirit of adventure. All we can say right now is it’s going to be different, with new unreleased songs, a new show and maybe some other *new* things.” Where are those other new things, you ask? Well – not here yet. Since their 2013 album ‘Kveikur’ they’ve excitingly worked with producer John Congleton and in September announced they were hoping to release the new album in 2018.

8. Tinashe – ‘Joyride’

Announced more than two years ago, Tinashe’s second album is still not out. Last year she released its accompaniment ‘Nightride’ as a stopgap and in June she told The Guardian: “Things haven’t always gone according to my original plan, but that’s life, and things change. However long it takes, I know I will get to my end goal, I’m never going to stop. I will make music forever.” We still don’t really know where it is, but it’s meant to be out before the end of 2017. Anyway, here’s the lead single.

9. GOOD Music – ‘Cruel Winter’

In June 2016 Kanye West released ‘Champions’, supposedly the first song in the next instalment of GOOD Music material following 2012’s ‘Cruel Summer’ – the original album featured Kanye West, Big Sean, Jay Z, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Raekwon, The-Dream, Cyhi the Prynce, Kid Cudi and more. In March of this year, Cyhi the Prynce confirmed that ‘Cruel Winter’ was “really done”, but we’re yet to see it.

10. Alice Glass – TBA

Glass left Crystal Castles in 2014 after what she described as “severe psychological and emotional abuse” from her bandmate Ethan Kath. She released her first solo single ‘Stillbirth’ in 2015, and since then she’s released an EP, ‘Without Love’, but there’s no word yet on her solo debut despite her announcement in April 2016 that she was hoping to be done that year.

11. Major Lazer – ‘Music is the Weapon’

Diplo, the most famous third of EDM trio Major Lazer, started talking about their fourth album in 2015. Then, in the summer of 2016, the album’s lead single ‘Cold Water’ was released and hit Number One on the UK singles chart. The full record was expected to be released this year, but it still hasn’t shown up – instead, an EP called ‘Know No Better’ arrived this summer to fill the gap. Several more singles have been released this year too, featuring artists including Nicki Minaj, Quavo and Camila Cabello. Maybe we can expect it in 2018…